Video Transcription:

I want to reveal in this video the single most frequent maneuver by an at-fault driver that causes motorcycle collisions across the country.

Now, the answer to it was not surprising to me, but I think it may be surprising to you guys, and hopefully it creates a reminder for you as we’re getting back out there with the spring season on our motorcycles to be as vigilant as possible.

As we all know, we are the ones that have to protect ourselves to make sure we aren’t in an accident.

We cannot trust the other drivers out there that they’re going to be paying attention, they’re going to see us coming, and this one hits home on that directly.

The single most significant and frequent maneuver, 42% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by this one maneuver by an at-fault driver.

Now, I want you guys to try to guess, here are the categories that it could be, one, head on collision, two, rear-end collision, three, debris in a roadway causing the biker to lose control, four, left-hand turn in front of or into a motorcycle, five, a right-hand turn into or in front of a motorcycle, running red lights, alcohol and speeding.

Which of those do you think accounts for 42% of all motorcycle accidents?

Well, the answer is a left-hand turn by the motorist into or in front of the motorcycle and this is often caused because they’re not paying enough attention, they don’t see the motorcycle for some reason and this is happening over and over again.

In my home county of Forsyth County, Georgia we’ve had two fatalities where the motorcycle rider has lost their lives with the left-hand turn in front of causing the motorcycle to run into the vehicle at the last minute.

These are happening at intersections but not just intersections with a light, they’re also happening on side roads where someone’s waiting to turn across the lane onto another side road in and amongst our counties here in the metro area.

So, please guys be very, very careful as you’re approaching a vehicle you see waiting to make a left-hand turn, do not trust that they aren’t going to go ahead and go and haven’t seen you coming.

It’s a huge thing going on right now and it’s a great way for us to protect ourselves which again we know, we’ve got to do because we can’t trust the other vehicle drivers to do that for us.

Stay safe out there, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email, I’d be happy to talk with you.