Video Transcription:

Alright, I want to provide you with three of the best tips I could find on how a biker can avoid the number one cause of motorcycle collisions. If you’ve watched any of my other videos or seen posts on the internet, I have provided the number one cause of accidents out there, that is a motorist turning left in front of or into a motorcycle rider.

So, here are the three best tips I could find. Number one, weave in your lane back and forth to provide as much of a distraction, notice to this motorist that hey, I’m in this lane, especially if you’re at night, the headlamp of the bike going back and forth is going to act like a signal that will hopefully catch their eye if they’re not paying attention that hey, there’s something in that lane and they won’t make that dangerous maneuver.

Number two, if you’re on a four-lane road coming into an intersection or if you’re on one of those local roads, and you see a motorist ahead of you waiting to turn left to cross your lanes, get over to the right-hand lane and as far over to the right-hand lane as you can, that would give you more time if this motorist does make the wrong move and starts to go across the lanes.

Three, also to help you avoid this collision, start to slow down when you’re hitting intersections and put your hands on the brake controls, that will also give you the quickest reaction time possible to hit that brake to try to avoid colliding with this motorist who’s made that negligent turn in front of you or starting to come into you.

So, those are the three best tips I could find, if you guys know of any others that you think can really help bikers avoid this very, very dangerous maneuver, please let me know. You can email me, comment on this video, love to hear suggestions that you guys have out there. Thank you for watching this video.