Video Transcription:

Just out last week, in case you didn’t see, it was the Governor’s Highway Safety Association’s annual report on motorcycle fatalities for 2017, and the good news is there was a marked decrease in the number of motorcycle fatalities in comparison to 2016. The decrease was 5.6%.

So, that’s the good news. Now, what I found interesting, is one of the three highlights on factors leading to fatalities in 2017 was the increase in the average age of the fatalities involved with motorcycle accidents.

It moved all the way up to an average age of 43, and what this study was highlighting was the aging population of motorcycle riders.

And, what it talked about was a lot of baby boomers are getting back into motorcycle riding after being away for decades. And, what they found was two factors are leading to issues there that I think folks need to think about.

Not only for those getting back into motorcycle riding, but it’s a good awareness issue for safety, for all of us, even younger riders that have been riding consistently for years.

Those two factors were a lack of training when these folks are coming back to motorcycle riding. They’re just getting their licenses; they’re not getting up to speed on training how to ride the bike again, getting through that endorsement part of motorcycle riding.

Number two, was these folks are buying inappropriate bikes for their age and their skill level.

They’re getting bigger bikes with their age and abilities harder for them to control, they’re not buying the appropriate bike for them given their skill level, given their age, given their strength and abilities at that point.

So, good things for us to think about no matter our age, get training, get retrained from time to time and make sure when you’re buying a new bike that you get a bike that fits your skill level and your strength.

You don’t want to go and buy too large of a bike for what you can handle, it won’t be safe.

Now, what it also showed in this age issue was for 2016, similar again for 2017 was 36% of all motorcycle fatalities the rider was 50 or older.

So, please guys if you’re 50 or older, realize you’re at higher risk, again, a lot of it is because of training and the type of bike that you have.

So, be careful out there, think about those issues even if you’re under 50, think about those issues, be safe and take this to heart.

If you have any particular questions or concerns, feel free to respond, comment below on this video or shoot me an email.

I would be happy to speak with you, would love to hear your comments or safety concerns with motorcycle riding. Thanks for watching this video.