Video Transcription:

Hi, I want to talk today about a phrase that you guys have probably heard about over the years, which is “loud saves lives” and the question for you is, do you believe it’s myth or not?

And let me tell you what I found, I found a study that studied just this phrase in whether the loudness of the pipes, exhaust pipes of the bike, lead and correlated to less motorcycle wreck events.

What they found was no, it is an absolute myth, and the reason is interesting. The main reason why its a myth is because most motorcycle wrecks do not occur where a motorist is striking the biker from the rear.

What they find is, it’s happening from the side or front; head-on collisions which minimizes the effect of the loudness of your exhaust pipes for obvious scientific reasons which is your exhaust pipes are pointed behind you.

So, the volume of that, the noise is going backward, not to the sides and to the front so it’s less likely that the motorists that are going to potentially wreck with you aren’t going to hear you coming.

Number two reason why this is a myth is because most motorists have their windows up, they’re not driving convertibles, and they typically have at least the radio on, they are talking with someone in the vehicle, they’re on the phone, hopefully not with it up to their ears, but using their Bluetooth. So, they’re distracted, they’re not likely to hear the noise from your motorcycle.

Yes, it does from time to time help, I’m sure there’s instances out there where a motorist becomes aware of you just because of the noise of the bike, but it’s very very unlikely, and the whole point of it is, study concludes with bikers should not rely on the noise that their bike creates to cause awareness of their existence on the road by other motorists.

Instead, they said, don’t go buy the loud pipes save lives motto, they say go by the best bet is to be seen not heard motto, which means do other defensive maneuvers to let motorist know you’re there other than just relying on the noise of your bike.

And there’s several of these techniques. I’ve talked about them in other videos; I’ll be talking about them in the videos to come in the future. So guys, stay safe out there, remember to be a defensive motorcycle rider, implement techniques to make yourself visible to other motorists. It’s really the only way you’re going to avoid collisions with our fellow four-wheeled motorists out there.

So again, thank you for watching this video, I’d like to hear from you guys any other safety myths that you know out there, that have been debunked either during your riding career or you’ve heard of from others that don’t actually pan out. Shoot me an email, comment to this video, love to hear from you, thanks so much.