Video Transcription:

All right, today I want to talk about a small piece that I want to put in the back of your mind as you’re out there riding in a group of other bikers, in case someone is injured in a wreck. This is something that I see constantly, it becomes a big problem in motorcycle wreck cases and that is police officers seem to almost consistently not put witness information on a police report.

So, you get in a wreck, you’ve got one or more people that saw it, they stop they talk to the police and time and time again, I get the police report, the client tells me, oh yeah, there was this lady or that guy stopped, you know, he was in a truck, whatever. Boom, doesn’t show up, we have no clue who it is, we have nothing to identify that person and we can’t find them. It’s unbelievable, I’ve trained police officers on how to do this, yet they still don’t do it.

So, here’s what you guys need to do to help protect each other, if you’re out there riding in a group and one of your fellow bikers goes down and you’re a witness there. Yes, you need to help them first and foremost with any injuries until the police arrive, ambulance, firefighters, those sorts of things, but if there are witnesses and you’re talking to them get their name and number, address as well if you can.

You got to protect your fellow bikers, because unlike in cages, when you’re in an accident often times you can walk away, you can get this kind of stuff yourself as the injured party. When it’s a biker you’re often times incapacitated, you’re dealing with a broken bone, you’re not consumed with who all saw the accident, who are they, what’s their information.

So, when we’re there with a fellow biker, get that information for your friend, give it to them, give it to their lawyer, it’s hugely important guys. Let me give you an example, I’ve got a recent case where a truck ran into the rear of a motorcyclist waiting to turn left at a stop sign. And at the scene he was conciliatory, he admitted fault, he was so sorry, seemed very straight forward, rear-end collision, well guess what? We get involved, the insurance companies are involved.

All of a sudden, he changes his story to his own insurance company so, they’ve now delayed simply the property damage claim for weeks because they’ve got their insured saying something different that sounds like maybe the motorcyclist might have some comparative negligence.

So, no witnesses on the police report, we knew there was one there. We even have a picture of his truck, but we don’t have a license, we don’t have any other kind of identifying information to find this guy, who can blow it up and say this is exactly what happened, it was a rear-end collision, this guy’s completely at fault.

So, now the insurance company is delaying processing this claim to investigate further. So, got to help our fellow bikers get that information on witnesses for them, so they can worry about their injuries and getting to a hospital and we’ve got that going forward to protect bikers’ rights.

Thanks so much for watching this video, shoot me an email, comment below. I’d be happy to discuss any components of this or any other questions that you may have. Thanks for watching the video.