Video Transcription:

Okay, wanted to do this video today because I had a question from one of our members that I think brings up a good subtopic that I’ve talked about before, which is insurance, most particularly UM insurance and how all that works if you were in a wreck.

So, the question that the member had was, what if I’m riding a friends’ or family members bike? So, it’s not my bike, I don’t own it, I’m not insuring it, and I get hit and injured by someone while I’m riding it…and the answer to that is there’s going to be multiple layers of UM insurance, hopefully. So, here’s quickly how that works.

You’ve got the at-fault party. Traditionally, with their insurance pays out first, then you turn to UM in this situation because you are riding someone else’s bike, you’ve got two innocent people, if you will, that are going to have the available UM coverage, hopefully.

So first and foremost, next in line would be the UM coverage that your friend or family member has on the bike, okay? You’re a permissive user of it so, you should be covered for that UM. After that, if that does not satisfy or there isn’t coverage, then you look to any auto policies that you have.

So again, remember, that’s not just a bike and the motorcycle coverage and UM that you hopefully have with your own motorcycle or motorcycles, but also your everyday vehicles if you have others than just a bike. Often times, you have those as we’ve talked about before, on different policies or with different insurance companies altogether. Those are all different sources of UM coverage. So, it would hopefully, depending on what type it is and I’ve talked about that in other videos of how that generally works is, in the best cases scenario you’re going to have at-fault insurance coverage.

Then, on top of that, you’re going to have the UM from your friend’s motorcycle insurance, then on top of that, you’re going to have your UM hopefully from various different sources, your motorcycle insurance coverage you’ll get on top of that, your regular vehicle UM coverage, and it just stacks upon each other, and so in that scenario as strange as it is, you may have actually more coverage than you normally would if you were injured by someone riding your own bike.

So, unique situation, that’s why this member asked this question, it was a really good question. So, that’s the uniqueness of it, and again from my perspective it’s why if you are unfortunate enough to be in a wreck and injured you always want to reach out to a lawyer to at least, have them consult with you because this is such a huge issue, is getting enough coverage, looking under every rock.

The lawyer can do that for you or at least, tell you an initial consult. I know I would, is here’s what you need to look at. Whether you hire me or not here’s the insurance layers and everything else. Make sure you got yourself protected from day one by getting notices out.

So, really good question. Keep them coming guys. I am here to try to help you guys stay safe, protect you guys, fight for you guys. I want to do this to help you. Shoot me an email, comment to my video below, ask questions. Love to do it, this is why I started the group. Thanks so much for watching the video.