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Product Liability Attorney in Atlanta

If you’re injured by using a defective consumer product in Georgia – whether it’s an automotive brake failure, a toaster or a blender, or even a bad prescription drug – speak at once to an experienced Atlanta product liability lawyer at Spaulding Injury Law. When a consumer in Georgia is injured by a commercially-sold product, the injured person may file a product liability claim and seek reimbursement for his or her medical expenses, lost wages, and all other related losses and damages. If you use a product as intended, and you are injured, obtain the legal help you’ll need from an experienced Atlanta product liability attorney at Spaulding Injury Law.

You may file a product liability claim in Georgia for either or both of two reasons: a defect in the design or manufacture of the product, or improper marketing including the failure to warn consumers about risks or to provide adequate directions for the product’s use. An experienced Atlanta product liability attorney at Spaulding Injury Law can explain your legal rights and options, identify the party or parties with potential liability, and help you seek compensation – and justice – after an injury caused by a defective consumer product.

What Should You Do Immediately After an Injury?

Often, product-related injuries can be serious, long-lasting, or even permanent. A traumatic brain injury, for example, can emerge slowly over time and become a serious, even disabling medical condition. If you are injured in Georgia by any consumer product, obtain medical treatment at once; do not discuss the case with an insurance company prior to consulting your attorney; and consult as soon as possible with an experienced Atlanta product liability lawyer at Spaulding Injury Law.

Product liability law is complicated in our state. In most cases, someone who is injured by a defective or dangerous consumer product must file a product liability claim within two years from the time when the injury is or should have been discovered. However, there are a number of complications and exceptions to Georgia’s two-year statute of limitations for product liability claims, so anyone who is injured by a consumer item will need a good product liability lawyer’s advice and recommendations.

What is Modified Comparative Negligence?

Under the “modified comparative negligence” rule in Georgia law, you may not recover damages if, personally, you were 50 percent or more at fault for causing your own injury or injuries. If you were less than 50 percent at fault, you may recover damages in proportion to the degree to which you were to blame. A $200,000 award, for instance will be reduced by $80,000 if you were 40 percent responsible for your own injury.

By conducting a full investigation and by offering a persuasive case built upon the facts, a good product liability lawyer can often help the injured victim of a defective consumer product recover financial damages for medical care, lost wages, and possibly much more. You can speak to a product liability attorney at Spaulding Injury Law by calling us at 770-744-0890. You may also contact us by completing the contact form here on our website. We are ready and prepared to fight for the compensation – and for the justice – that the victims of dangerous and defective consumer products need and deserve.

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