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5 Helpful Motorcycle Safety Tips

Our motorcycle accident lawyers know that it’s tough to resist the thrill of riding a motorcycle. They are so much fun to ride! However, you are considerably more at risk if you do. For most motorcycle riders, the risk is worth it, but it only takes one accident to change your life permanently. So, check out these tips from our motorcycle accident attorneys that will help you put safety first as you ride.

  1. Don’t Ride in Bad Weather Conditions
    Bad weather can take all the fun out of a motorcycle ride. In addition to that, hazardous road conditions can be dangerous, even for the most experienced riders. Motorcycle riders are most at risk right after it starts to rain. Be cautious with your braking, acceleration, and turns. A slippery road can make it difficult to break or avoid debris on the road. Avoid riding your motorcycle in bad weather even if that means taking another form of transportation or staying indoors until the rain stops.
  2. Drive Defensively
    Driving defensively is one of the most efficient ways to protect yourself and other drivers on the road. Motorcycle riders need to be aware of blind spots and look out for other drivers who may not be able to see them. Always leave plenty of room between the car in front of you and pay attention to the car behind you. Never assume that they will notice you braking or turning. In fact, assume that they can’t, and you will be safer. Abide by all Georgia state motorcycle laws while driving. They are put there to keep drivers’ safe and prevent fatal accidents.
  3. Get Your Gear On
    It is critical to wear the appropriate protective gear and clothing when riding a motorcycle. In the event of an accident, your body must be completely covered to avoid serious injury or death. This is not the time for t-shirts and jeans, but you don’t have to wear a leather jacket either. There are all kinds of reinforced jackets and pants that are available for riders. Avoid road rash and other serious injuries by wearing jackets, pants, gloves, and boots every time you ride to keep you safe.
  4. Helmets and Eye Protection… It’s the Law!
    Georgia state law says that motorcycle riders must wear a helmet and eye protection if their bikes are not equipped with a windscreen. Did you know that you are 40 percent more likely to die of a fatal head injury if you crash without a helmet? Helmet laws are controversial among riders, but if they save even one life, then they are worth it!
  5. Buy the Right Size Bike
    This is a common mistake that first-time riders make. They want the biggest, worst bike out there, but do not consider their skill level or body size when buying their first bike. Many motorcycle riders wreck even before they leave the dealer’s parking lot! Do not make the same mistake. Test out the bike first to make sure you can hold it up, and that both feet rest flat on the ground.

Have Fun! Be Safe!

It is possible to do both! Paying attention to these tips and following the motorcycle laws in Georgia can keep you on the road and out of the hospital! Remember to keep your bike in good working order, and perform all regular maintenance on it. Our motorcycle accident attorneys hope you enjoy the open air, stay safe, and have fun!

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