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Atlanta’s Cheapest Gas Near You

Atlanta’s Cheapest Gas Near You

Given the sticker shock gas at $4+ a gallon, you might be wondering, where is the cheapest gas in my area? Gas used to be an expense that was unavoidable, but manageable. You need gas to get to work and other obligations, but the cost of a gallon used to be far more affordable. With the price of gas exceeding more than 30 minutes of work at the federal minimum wage of $7.25, it is becoming less and less affordable with each price increase. 

In this article, we’ll present tips and information on where to find the cheapest gas in Georgia, keeping in mind that prices will fluctuate regularly due to forces well outside the control of this blog. Read on to learn more about cheap gas prices.

Fuel Rewards Programs Offer Discounts and Rewards 

It might seem like every store you walk into nowadays tries to get you to join their membership program – and maybe even get their credit card – when you check out. Gas stations are no different, and many gas stations now have fuel rewards programs that lead to discounts on gas and even rewards in the store. 7-11 is one of the more popular brands that offers this option, with discounts increasing as you purchase more. Taking advantage of these cards will require that you spend a few minutes filling out an application, but usually, most of them are approved and you can then be saving by the gallon in no time. 

Consider Your Cash-Back Options on Your Credit Cards 

Another way to help save on gas is to get money back for what you spend on it. Many credit cards offer a cash-back incentive to encourage you to use the card. If you pay your credit card bills in full monthly to avoid interest charges, the cash-back incentives lead to real money saved. Some credit cards even offer more money back on certain expenses, including gas purchases. Other credit cards have partnerships with certain gas station brands, or even 7-11, which can lead to additional savings as well. 

Wal-Mart Offers Very Competitive Gas Prices and Membership Benefits 

Stores like Wal-Mart are able to charge low prices because they purchase products in bulk at exceptionally low prices, charge their customers low prices, and move a lot of volume. This same concept has been applied to the Wal-Mart gas stations. Given their bulk buying, you can take advantage of their low prices, even if you have not been shipping in the store. They are usually located on the roadway in front of the Wal-Mart, so you can stop in as you drive by, or add a stop on the way out of the parking lot after shopping. 

Another thing to keep in mind is trying to stack your trips, which can really do a lot to support your fuel efficiency. With gasoline at $4+ a gallon, if you get twenty miles to the gallon, you are paying $.20 a mile. A trip to save a few dollars on a tank of gas at a station a few miles away will lead to a trip that could cost more than your savings. This is the main benefit of Wal-Mart’s gas. While their prices might be only slightly less than elsewhere, if you are already there shopping, their gas stations will save you an extra potentially costly trip. 

Remember to Check Out the Big-Box Stores Like Sam’s, BJ’s, and Costco 

Stores are called “big boxes” when you leave them carrying much larger quantities of an item than you would from a normal supermarket or department store. Instead of walking out with a pack of twelve rolls of toilet paper, you are walking out with a box containing a dozen of the dozen roll packs. By buying in greater quantities, you save money, with the savings exceeding the cost of the membership to the big box store. 

When you purchase a membership at big box stores like Sam’s, BJ’s, and Costco, you can also take advantage of their membership prices for gas. These stores often have gas stations in front, and due to their greater purchasing power, can offer their members lower prices. Keep the cost of membership in mind, though, if you are only planning to buy gas, and make sure your gas savings justify the cost of the membership fee. 

In a Car Accident at the Gas Station, Wal-Mart, or Big Box Store?  

If you need to go and get gas, you are out driving a motor vehicle. Big box stores and Wal-Mart parking lots are locations where many accidents happen. While you might not expect a trip to the gas station to lead to an accident, they are unpredictable. If your car has been put out of commission, you won’t need any gas until your vehicle has been repaired and you’ve recovered from your injuries. 

The fastest way to repair your vehicle and cover costs linked to your injuries is by contacting a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Once you have received emergency medical care for your injuries, it is important that evidence is collected on the accident and your injuries to support your case. 

We hope the article above helps steer you in the right direction to find affordable gas in Georgia. While the prices may keep going up, these pointers will help to save a few percentage points at least on whatever you end up spending at the pump. If you get into a car accident in your gas or electric-powered car, how an experienced personal injury attorney from Spaulding Injury Law can help.

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