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Atlanta Dog Parks

Atlanta Dog Parks

We Atlantans naturally love our dogs and our dog parks. In fact, there’s no better way for you to reward your four-legged friend for being the best doggie out there than heading out to explore some of Atlanta’s finest dog parks – and there are a lot of good ones to choose from. Whatever your and your pup’s preferences are, there’s a park out there for you. You might even want to give them all a chance, so let’s get started.


Piedmont Dog Park

Piedmont dog park is considered one of the best in the city, and it welcomes over a million dogs every year. They offer free doggie bags for all and a full three acres for your dogs to run off-leash. Additional highlights include:

  • New trails and landscaping
  • Enclosures for large dogs who are over 30 pounds and for small dogs who are under 30 pounds. 
  • Shaded areas for those well-deserved rests
  • Benches and restrooms for the humans
  • Spigots for filling up Rover’s bowl
  • Concessions on the weekend that include doggie popsicles from King of Pops

You can even subscribe to the Piedmont Park newsletter and stay in the know about dog events and other related news.


Freedom Barkway

Freedom Barkway bills itself as a community dog park in the heart of Atlanta, and it’s recently undergone considerable improvements and renovations. Located in the Old Fourth Ward, Freedom Barkway reports that, if you enjoy the following, you’ve come to the right place:

  • Hanging out with other dog lovers
  • Chatting with neighbors
  • Allowing your doggie the freedom to run and play off-leash on over two acres of dog park heaven

The park is divided into large and small dog areas, and 30 pounds is the dividing line between the two.


Fetch Park

Fetch Park has several locations throughout Atlanta and describes itself as the trailblazing dog friendly social hub, and you can believe the hype. Fetch is a subscription dog park that offers a relaxing outlet for dogs and their humans. With a subscription plan, your dog can run off-leash under the supervision of Woof Wardens, while you and your friends share a cold one and unwind. No dog? No problem – dogless humans are allowed in for free, but be forewarned, the experience could leave you with pet envy. Consider the following enticing amenities on tap at Fetch Park:

  • An Airstream that offers both a full bar and a coffee menu
  • A turf field that is completely mud-free
  • Dog cooling stations
  • Shaded seating areas
  • Outdoor televisions
  • Wi-Fi and outdoor lighting


Canine Crossing Dog Park

One enthusiastic pet owner used the term jewel in the rough to describe Canine Crossing Dog Park, and it is a very apt way of putting things. This dog park offers a massive five acres for your pets to explore off-leash and includes tunnels, water and waste stations, a fenced in area for small pooches, plenty of parking, picnic shelters, and restrooms.


Adair Dog Park

Adair Dog Park sports large, shady trees that attract dogs and their humans alike. They have water jugs, running water, and water bowls for your pups, and the U-shaped design makes it no problem to slip away on your own if your dog is having an off day and isn’t playing well with others. At Adair Dog Park, large and small dogs are allowed to frolic together.


Brook Run Dog Park

Brook Run Dog Park offers a full 4 acres of very wooded space for you and your furry friends, but there is no separate space for smaller pups. This dog park is very popular for its long loop trail that circles the park space. While there are no restrooms for dog parents, there are water stations, waste stations, plenty of shaded seating, and room to spread out.


Chattapoochee Dog Park

The Chattapoochee dog park has got it all, including cooling water features, canine agility equipment, fenced areas for both large and small dogs, water and waste stations, parking galore, plenty of shade, benches, and a picnic spot. There is even a dog-inspired mural painted by aspiring young artists from a local school to greet you at the entrance.


Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park is an on-leash park, but it more than makes up for this fact by offering a whopping 20 acres of lush, green spaces to explore with your bestie. It doesn’t end there, this park offers all the following for you and your pooch:

  • Dog waste stations
  • A massive Olympic Ring fountain for your dog to take a cooling splash
  • Running paths
  • Festivals, concerts, and other events throughout the year


Dog Bites

There is no denying that dogs are the best, but if someone else’s dog bites you, it can be exceptionally dangerous, and Georgia’s dog bite laws are complicated. Dog bites are closely associated with serious infections that can lead to ongoing medical needs. When a dog bite is on the hand, for example, it can be very slow to heal and can seriously interfere with your ability to do your job. Further, when a dog bite is on or near the face, it can prove permanently disfiguring.

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