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What Are the Best Restaurants In Lawrenceville, Georgia?

What Are the Best Restaurants In Lawrenceville, Georgia?

When you are reading about the city of Lawrenceville Georgia, you just know it is going to be hard to select the “best of” when it comes to places to eat. Lawrenceville is a traditional southern town, and though it has never been proven, there is a rumor that the first thing our ancestors did when they discovered Georgia, was eat. We love food. We love old fashioned, Southern, comfort food, and we love to experience other cultures through their foods.

As we try to narrow the selection of all sorts of fantastic places to eat down to a reasonable list, from family-friendly ones to some better for grabbing a drink with friends.  keep in mind, not making this list is no excuse for not jumping in and trying a restaurant. We are going for the best, but that leaves a whole lot of pretty darn good!

Local Republic

Winner of the best burger award in 2014, this place serves seven varieties of burgers. They also have a great mix of southern-style cooking, like shrimp and grits and wonderful international dishes. They use seasonal foods for freshness that is acquired locally and the restaurant is decorated with art from local artists. The biggest problem you will have at the Local Republic is deciding what to eat first.

The Georgian Pine

Locally grown produce gives everything they serve the farm to table taste. The chic and understated dining room is relaxed and comfortable and the food is anything but bland. The foods are expertly prepared and served with cocktails or perfectly brewed beers from Atlanta-based breweries.

McCray’s Tavern On The Square

McCray’s is lively and fun. They feature good southern foods like slow-cooked ribs and country fried steak (to name a couple). They have the largest selection of beer (40 varieties) on tap in the area. They also feature rooftop dining and specialty scotch, whiskey and cocktails. When you think of a great place to share a meal and some drinks with friends, McCray’s Tavern On The Square comes to mind.


This is the place to try if you love authentic Italian food. Dominick has been cooking up the best Italian recipes for more than 20 years. Dominick’s was the award winner for 2014 for the best Italian Restaurant in Lawrenceville. The ambiance is like sitting in a diner in Italy. Excellent!

Athens Kouzzina

This roomy and quaint Greek restaurant is the only place in town for authentic Greek foods and a mixture of Greek-American traditional foods. Clean and spacious with silky table cloths and a staff that makes you feel like you’re at your own home, this is a great choice after a hectic day of shopping or work.

The Little Barn

When you are in the south, and you have the nerve to make your slogan “cookin’ food better than your mama’s,” you better be able to back it up! This cozy little country place on the outskirts of town does just that. This is the best of the best when it comes to nothing-held-back southern cooking.

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of great places to eat that did not make the list. Enjoy seafood, Asian food, and many other cultural masterpieces. The one thing we are sure of…you will not leave any of them hungry!

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