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What to Bring to the First Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer

In this video, attorney Ted Spaulding details everything you need to bring upon first meeting with your personal injury attorney. He explains the importance of being prepared with as many pieces of evidence as possible to support your case. 

What to bring to your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer?

Hi, I’m Ted Spaulding. I’m an Atlanta personal injury trial lawyer and the founder here at Spaulding Injury Law.

So, this is a question that we get when we’re talking to a prospective client and they’ve made a decision to hire our firm to represent them. We’re either going to have an in-person meeting or we’re going to have, in this day and age, we can have a Zoom meeting or something of that nature. And what do you need to give us to help start to build your claim or case? So, there’s several things. And again, some of this depends on the nature of your incident. Is it a car wreck? Is it a premises liability case? Is it a wrongful death case? What are we talking about? But your standard categories remain the same.

Number one, is there a police report or an incident report? Bring that.

Number two, do you have photographs? If it’s a car wreck, do you have photographs of the damage at least to your vehicle, the scene, the at-fault party’s vehicle, any of your injuries, that sort of thing? If it’s a trip and fall or a slip and fall, do you have photographs of the hazard that caused you to fall? It’s those sorts of things.

Next would be, do you have any video? All right. So, is there any video of the incident that you have received? Obviously, we would want to have that. If it’s a product liability case, do you have the product that was the defective that caused your injury?

Then you got other areas of small things that we need to help move the case along, your health insurance information. So, we’d want to see and get a copy of the front and back of your health insurance card. If it’s a auto wreck, front and back of your license is very important. If it is a wreck, we want to get your auto insurance or other insurance information. Take a picture of the front or back of your auto insurance card.

Those are the things to bring with you. And then there’s the kind of catch-all, if there’s anything else, is there some more document, emails, anything else that you think is relevant to your case? Bring that with you to that first meeting so the lawyer can see all of that.

So, that’s what to bring with you to your first meeting. I hope that helps you get an idea to get ready for that first meeting. If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to leave a comment to this video. If you have further questions or you have a potential claim that you would like to see if our firm can handle, comment to this video. Go to our website, spauldinginjurylaw.com. We have a contact form on there or give me a phone call. Two phone numbers for you, 770-744-0890 or 470-695-9950. Thanks so much for watching this video.

For over 15 years, Mr. Spaulding has helped victims of negligence across the state of Georgia resolve personal injury disputes, and he’s received a remarkable number of awards and honors from the legal community recognizing his commitment to clients and to the metro-Atlanta area.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Spaulding belonged to the Phi Beta Kappa honors fraternity at the University of Georgia, and he obtained his legal training at the Georgia State College of Law, where he clerked for the Honorable Judge Rowland Barnes of the Fulton County Superior Court. Mr. Spaulding has also worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Atlanta Enforcement Division. Since 2005, he has dedicated his career to helping the injured victims of negligence and their loved ones win justice in Georgia’s personal injury courts.