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Why Cameras Are Important Safety Features On Motorcycles

As a Savannah motorcycle lawyer, with every single motorcycle wreck case that I’ve received, we’ve got an at-fault party who’s dead to rights at fall. Yet, they are jumping out screaming to the hilltops and to the cops that they aren’t at fault. The motorcycle rider must’ve done something, didn’t have headlights on, must have been speeding, etc.

I had one case where the other driver had no clue what happened and was shouting out to the cop, “Oh, he must have been drunk.” So, they test my client, and he wasn’t drunk.

Why All Motorcycles Should Come With Cameras

Out of that frustration, this got me thinking a little bit more, but it seems to me that what should come as standard equipment on all motorcycles at this point our cameras. They could even be go-pros that are on the front, on each side, and on the back, and they should automatically start recording when you turn that key.

This would help capture these wrecks where people are driving around, not paying attention and not seeing motorcycle riders when they clearly should. I can’t tell you how many of my cases are in broad daylight and it’s because of a driver doing something just completely insane.

Truthfully, I think they don’t see the motorcycle rider, but it’s not because they’re looking, it’s not because they’re following Georgia law. In fact, I know some of the newer helmets are coming with cameras.

I don’t know how comfortable they are, but I know they are great to have. I’m not sure if there’s an issue with quality, but anything that you can do to mount a camera at least pointing out the rear and out the front, do it.

Where Should The Cameras Be?

Most of these accidents are vehicles coming from your left, either directly in front of you or they’re coming and T-boning. So, a front camera would capture most of the negligence in that case.

The sides are going to be difficult to mount a camera, and I know it doesn’t look great, but it would be extremely beneficial in the event of a crash and once and for all, this silliness over who’s at fault will be done.

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