What Are the Major Highways In Alpharetta, Georgia?


Businesses and companies often consider the major highways that run through an area when selecting their location for several reasons, especially because everyone wants the travel and commute in their city to be easy. The more growth a city experiences, the more important it is that the highway system is adeq...

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Car Seat Laws in Georgia

Car seat on the backseat of a car in Georgia

Being in a car accident can impact your life in many ways, and when a child is involved, the potential for tragic injury or death is even more terrifying. To protect children from harm, states have enacted car seat laws. Some children are too small to be adequately protected by seat belts, and seat belts desi...

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How to Find The Best Car Mechanics in Alpharetta

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Americans love their cars. Our automobiles afford us a sense of freedom and a sense of security. They empower us and in many ways they protect us. So, when something goes wrong with our automobiles, we want a qualified mechanic that understands how we feel about them to take care of it. When we find one, we s...

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What Are the Main Tourist Attractions In Alpharetta, Georgia?

1280px Georgia Aquarium Jan 2006

The residents of Alpharetta are diverse. You are just as likely to see the CEO of some of the most influential companies in the world as you are to see a hard-working American farmer. This is evident when you consider that Alpharetta has a downtown area and fascinating attractions, as well as the surroundin...

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What to Do After a Truck Accident in Alpharetta, GA

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Alpharetta, GA

If you’ve been involved in a devastating collision with a large truck in Alpharetta, it’s easy to overlook important details in the confusing aftermath of the accident. However, following some basic steps after a wreck will be crucial to protecting your health and your legal rights. After a collision w...

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Alpharetta Dog Parks

Dogs playing around

The citizens of Alpharetta want their doggies to have the best, which includes stellar dog parks that allow their canines to frolic freely. Dogs love nothing more than getting outside and burning off some energy in the presence of other dogs, and their humans love nothing more than keeping them happy.  If...

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Georgia’s Auto Insurance Laws

Georgia’s Auto Insurance Laws

In 2015, more than 385,000 traffic accidents – over a thousand crashes a day – were reported in the state of Georgia, according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. More than 19,000 people sustained serious injuries in those crashes and more than 1,400 sustained fatal injuries. With those disc...

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What Are the Major Companies Located In Alpharetta Georgia?

Bright Atlanta

Alpharetta's vibrant and beautiful city is located in Fulton County, just over 30 miles from Atlanta. Alpharetta has a lot to offer and many residents of Alpharetta live in charming, southern homes, in upscale neighborhoods. Alpharetta puts great effort into the quality of life it affords its citizens and the...

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Mask Mandates for Georgia

Mask Mandates for Georgia

At Spaulding Injury Law: Lawrenceville personal injury & Car Accident Lawyer, we want everyone in the Atlanta area to stay safe and healthy, including being aware of mask mandates and other health information relating to the Covid-19 pandemic in Georgia. With varying levels of Covid cases throughout the U...

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What Are the Top 6 Employers Located in Alpharetta, Georgia?

Cincinnati kroger building

Alpharetta, Georgia, is home to many major corporations, including several Fortune 500 companies. Alpharetta is a very tech-friendly area, with miles of fiber optics and world-class internet speeds that lure premium companies to the region. These corporations employ people from within the city and several su...

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