Motorcycle Accidents

What Makes Sharing the Road with Motorcyclists Dangerous?

what makes sharing the road with motorcyclists dangerous?

Although motorcycles make up 3% of all registered vehicles, motorcyclists accounted for 14.6% of all traffic fatalities and 3.5% of all injuries in 2022. Motorcycles are less stable and visible, exposing riders to a high risk of collision. When riders crash, they lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle,...

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At What Age Can a Child Ride on a Motorcycle?

what age can a child ride on a motorcycle

Georgia has no regulations regarding the appropriate age for a child to ride on a motorcycle. However, motorcyclists should consider other restrictions and concerns when taking a child for a ride. For example, there are helmet requirements for younger riders in Georgia. Further, a child might be more vulne...

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How Long Does A Police Report Take?

How Long Does A Police Report Take?

The Right Law Firm for Your LawrencevilleVehicle Accident Case When you need legal assistance with your vehicle collision claim, look no further than Spaulding Injury Law: Lawrenceville Personal Injury Law. We have achieved successful results for past clients injured in car collisions, including: Settle...

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Why are Motorcycle Accident Claims Challenging?

pexels photo

Motorcycle accident claims present unique challenges, distinguishing them from other personal injury cases. In this article, our legal team at explains some of these complexities, explicitly focusing on the legal environment in Georgia. What Makes Motorcycle Accidents D...

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Inexperienced vs. Experienced Motorcycle Riders

Inexperienced vs. Experienced Motorcycle Riders

A motorcycle rider’s experience level can make a vast difference in their degree of safety. Naturally, experience allows motorcyclists to become more comfortable on their bikes, familiar with the experience of riding a motorcycle, and capable of responding to dangerous circumstances. Even so, inexperienc...

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How to Get a Georgia Motorcycle Permit

Georgia Department of Driver Services Building

To legally operate a motorcycle on the roads of Georgia, you will begin with a motorcycle permit. There are many requirements to get a motorcycle permit in Georgia, and you’ll need to know what to do next to reach your full license. Though accidents still occur, Georgia requires motorcyclists to have lic...

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Georgia’s Helmet Law And Its Affect On Your Injury Case

bigstock Motorcycle Accident

What is the Georgia Helmet Law For Motorcyclists? As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, I can tell you that Georgia law requires all operators of motorcycles and those riding on a motorcycle to wear a regulation compliant helmet at all times while the motorcycle is moving. Under the law, a compliant h...

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Ultimate Bikers’ Guide to Motorcycle Helmets

ultimate motorcycle helmets guide

As a biker, you want to stay as safe as possible on the road. Getting the right helmet and taking care of it properly could mean the difference between life and death. Our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers at Spaulding Injury Law are committed to helping motorcyclists protect themselves while enjoying the ...

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What Are the Most Dangerous Highways in the State of Georgia?

pothole in road

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, you are no stranger to dangerous highways. Although the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is doing their best to make these roads safer, it will take time. The following highways are some of the most hazardous in the state of Georgia, and we urge you to use caution ...

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5 Helpful Motorcycle Safety Tips

bigstock Motorcycle Accident

Our motorcycle accident lawyers know that it’s tough to resist the thrill of riding a motorcycle. They are so much fun to ride! However, you are considerably more at risk if you do. For most motorcycle riders, the risk is worth it, but it only takes one accident to change your life permanently. So, check ou...

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