Truck Accidents

How Long Does A Police Report Take?

Police officer taking a report

The Right Law Firm for Your LawrencevilleVehicle Accident Case When you need legal assistance with your vehicle collision claim, look no further than Spaulding Injury Law: Lawrenceville Personal Injury Law. We have achieved successful results for past clients injured in car collisions, including: Settle...

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How Many Gears Does An 18 Wheeler Have?

Every motorist wants to avoid a truck accident as much as possible. Truck accidents can be caused in several ways. One of the common causes is mechanical failure. The little things – like the gears on a semi-truck – can cause a truck to break down and hurt other drivers. Learn more about the gears on a...

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How Wide Is a Semi-Trailer?

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) lists the maximum semi-trailer width as 102 inches or 8.5 feet. Most semi-trucks that you encounter on the road are no more than 102 inches wide. Regulators have determined that this is the width at which a truck driver can safely occupy their lane.    While some ...

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Truck Accident Claims in Georgia

truck accident

As experienced truck accident lawyers, we are aware of the legal distinctions and differences in the way that truck crashes are handled versus typical car accident cases. However, it might surprise those who have never been involved in a personal injury case involving a truck crash that these types of collis...

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Why Is It So Important To Send A Spoliation Of Evidence Letter After A Georgia Truck Accident?

Before answering this question, allow us to explain what a “spoliation of evidence letter” or “preservation letter” is. This letter is sent to the trucking company for the at-fault driver requesting that it preserve certain evidence or potential evidence that may be relevant to your injury case agains...

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What Are the Most Dangerous Highways in the State of Georgia?

pothole in road

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, you are no stranger to dangerous highways. Although the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is doing their best to make these roads safer, it will take time. The following highways are some of the most hazardous in the state of Georgia, and we urge you to use caution ...

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Truck Crashes Can Be Toxic

truck accident

Anytime a large commercial truck crashes, our wrongful death attorneys know there is the potential for devastating damage and injuries. However, the risks of injury increase substantially if the truck is carrying toxic chemicals or substances. Trucks that carry hazardous materials are referred to as HAZMAT...

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How Truck Drivers’ Health Issues May Lead to Injuries

commerical truck

Truck driver error is the most common cause1 of collisions involving large commercial trucks in the United States, according to our truck accident attorneys. When you think of driver errors, you likely think of texting and driving, drunk driving, speeding, and similar acts. But, our truck accident lawyers...

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3 Reasons Why Semi-Truck Accident Cases Are More Difficult

commercial truck

In this video, trial attorney Ted Spaulding explains three reasons why semi-truck accident cases are more complicated than other personal injury cases. Three reasons why semi-truck accident cases are more complicated than other personal injury cases. Keep watching this video to find out why. Hi. I'm The...

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How Road Construction Workers Are Injured in Tragic Accidents

road closed

Construction is an extremely dangerous profession. Workers regularly suffer injuries in a variety of accidents, including electrocutions, falls, and much more. Workers who work in road construction have even more risks to deal with every day. In turn, the workers are also at risk of causing injury to others w...

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