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The Dangers Lurking on Construction Sites in Your Neighborhood

The Dangers Lurking on Construction Sites in Your Neighborhood

Construction is notoriously one of the most dangerous industries in which an individual can work, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).1 Construction workers regularly suffer injuries due to falls, falling objects, heavy machinery, and more. However, after the workers go home each day, many hazards on a construction site still remain and pose a risk of injury to residents and pedestrians in the neighborhood. Many of these hazards exist because of the negligence of the construction crew and the company responsible should compensate any victims who suffer injury due to unnecessary hazards.

Structure and Ground Collapses

While a construction project is in progress, the ground under the project as well as any partially built structures can be very unstable. A construction crew should always build in a manner that keeps the site as stable as possible, however, mistakes can lead to the collapse of a structure, trench, or ground in or around the construction site. Such a collapse can severely injure anyone in the vicinity.


It is to be expected that a construction site will have unfinished electrical systems, ungrounded wires, and more. After hours, the crew should take precautions to keep all potentially dangerous wires away from the perimeter of the site and to keep barriers around the site to shield the public from contact with these dangerous conditions. Without these precautions, bystanders and pedestrians can easily suffer injuries due to electrocution.2


With the presence of caustic and toxic chemicals, the chance for explosions or fires is high in or around construction sites. If these types of materials are mishandled or improperly stored, explosions after-hours can occur and cause injury and damage in the surrounding area.

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