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How Expert Witnesses Can Help Personal Injury Victims Recover Compensation

How Expert Witnesses Can Help Personal Injury Victims Recover Compensation

Personal injury cases can involve many complicated issues and questions. Even if you firmly believe that another party was at fault for your injury, the court and/or a jury may often require more concrete evidence in order to find another party liable for your losses. While injured victims may not know how to obtain or present sufficient evidence to prove negligence in court, an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and skills to do so.

Expert Analysis During Accident Investigation

In order to prove your claim, a skilled lawyer will fully investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident to identify any and all potentially negligent parties. In some accidents, fault may be fairly easily identifiable; for example, another driver ran a red light and collided with your car. In other situations, fault may not be readily apparent at all.

Accidents can be complicated and may often involve numerous vehicles, large commercial trucks, chain reactions, vehicle malfunctions, and much more. Often, an attorney will enlist the help of an expert witness1, such as a professional accident reconstruction expert2. Such an expert will examine the vehicles, scene of the accident, witness reports, and more to give an expert opinion on what caused the accident and what negligence was involved.

Medical Experts

In order to fully recover for your injury-related losses, you must prove the extent of your injuries and how they affected your life. Medical experts can not only attest to the nature and severity of your injuries, but can testify that a patient with your injuries would be unable to work, would suffer long-term complications, or even permanent difficulties. For example, if you suffered a traumatic brain injury, the opposing party may argue that your brain injury does not keep you from learning or performing your job duties. An expert can give a professional opinion that your injury did, in fact, inhibit your abilities and more.

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