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5 Short Family Road Trips From Atlanta to Help Fight Gas Prices

5 Short Family Road Trips From Atlanta to Help Fight Gas Prices

Everywhere you look these days, prices are on the rise. Perhaps the most painful of all increases is the one experienced at the pump. Many Atlanta families have already reworked their budgets to cut out or decrease non-essentials such as entertainment and travel to help lessen the impact. If family vacations are on your wallet’s chopping block, you should know that you may still have some viable options. Atlanta is well within a short drive of many fun and interesting places. Consider these five short family road trips from Atlanta to help fight rising gas prices.


Macon, Georgia

If your family is ready to get away from city life, this is the road trip for you. Macon is located only 84 miles (approximately 1 hour 20 minutes) south of Atlanta. Here you can feast on amazing food in the local cafes and restaurants, listen to some live music, or even attend one of Macon’s numerous festivals throughout the year. For example, in April, they host a craft beer festival, and in October, the Central Georgia Greek Festival with live Greek music, dancing, food, and tours of the restored Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church. 

Fans of the Allman Brothers will want to check out the Big House Museum. History lovers will enjoy Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park with Southeastern Native American artifacts, buildings, and mounds from ancient times. Other popular attractions include:

  • The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame—a 43,000-square-foot state-of-the-art museum with over 3,000 artifacts.
  • Hay House—a seven-level Italian Renaissance Revival mansion built in the mid-1800s named “The Palace of the South.”


Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

About 20 miles or 40 minutes outside of Atlanta, you’ll find Georgia’s most visited attraction, which receives more than four million visitors annually. Stone Mountain Park is large with countless trees and paths and is surrounded by Stone Mountain Lake, Venable Lake, and Howell Lake.

This mountain is the largest single piece of granite globally and hosts a substantial Confederate Memorial Carving on one side. Visitors here can use a dedicated trail to climb to the top of the mountain or participate in the base’s numerous activities, including golf to train rides. There are also various activities and events here throughout the year, including an amazing laser lights show in the summer.


Augusta, Georgia

If you’re up for a bit of a longer drive, take the family to Augusta. Located about 145 miles or two hours and ten minutes from Atlanta, this city is the second oldest in the state. Walk along Broad Street, and you’ll find a mix of cafes, galleries, and over 150 restored classic buildings. Just two blocks away towards the Savannah River, you’ll find the Augusta Riverwalk. There are many options for lunch or something to quench your thirst, as well as the Morris Museum of Art, which is located at the western end of the walk. If you’re a James Brown fan, be sure to check out the Augusta Museum of History, which features a section dedicated to his life’s work.


Callaway Gardens, Georgia

Callaway Gardens is a 79-mile drive from the city or about one hour and 20 minutes away. The perfect time to take this road trip is in April when the azaleas are in full bloom. This 6,500-acre garden features a few small lakes with a perfect mix of flowers, woodland areas, and attractions. There are even two golf courses here.

A 10-mile trail runs through the grounds connecting the garden’s different parts, including Robin Lake. Here you’ll find the world’s largest man-made beach and the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, home to more than 1,000 butterflies inside. The main attraction is the Overlook Azalea Garden boasting many different types of azalea flowers. Feel free to sit and relax on a bench in the shade taking in the various colors.


Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you feel like leaving Georgia, travel 118 miles or slightly less than two hours to Chattanooga, TN. This city has recently transformed into a popular destination as it has evolved to match its stunning surroundings. Chattanooga is home to the Tennessee Aquarium, which houses the largest freshwater aquarium in the world, among its other fascinating exhibits. It’s a newer aquarium with beautifully decorated state-of-the-art facilities that feature sea, river, and lake creatures. 

Be sure to take the trail up to Lookout Mountain, sitting high above the city on the Georgia border. Within walking distance of downtown Chattanooga, you’ll find the spectacular Ruby Falls, the tallest waterfall in the deepest commercial cave in the United States.


Road Trips and Car Accidents

You certainly don’t have to break the bank and drive or travel very far outside of Atlanta to have an adventure or some fun. The bad news is you also don’t have to travel far to be at risk of an accident. Car accidents can happen anywhere- a block from your house, an hour or two away while on a road trip, or across the country. All it takes is one negligent driver to ruin your entire trip. Now instead of enjoying a relaxing day or weekend away, you are in the emergency room with injuries or worried about how you will pay for the damages to your vehicle. 

At Spaulding Injury Law, we understand. We know what it’s like to go from being on a relaxing and memorable road trip one minute and in the back of an ambulance the next. While we can’t undo what has happened, we will be with you every step of the way going forward. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case to determine who is liable. We will hold them accountable for the damages you suffer. If our negotiations don’t result in a full and fair settlement, we aren’t afraid to represent your claim in court. 

Find out more about our services by calling us at 770-744-0890 or contacting us online today. We offer free car accident consultations to get your claim started.