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Georgia Lemon Law And Motorcycles


Last Updated on November 11, 2020 by Theodore Spaulding

Georgia’s Lemon Law is another example of how motorcycle riders are treated differently than ordinary, four-wheel vehicles and the general public, not only by the public but also in the law itself.

Keep reading to see what our Cumming motorcycle lawyers think about the subject.


What Is Georgia’s Lemon Law?

Now, I’m no lemon law expert. I do not practice lemon law, but what I had found a surprising is in Georgia, the lemon law specifically excludes motorcycles, no rhyme or reason to it.

Lemon law applies to all other four-wheel vehicles and specifically excludes motorcycles, which I found quite shocking. Obviously, this has some big ramifications.

Recalls Vs. Lemon Law

I was talking to a member of my Facebook group a few months ago about the video I had done regarding the Harley Davidson a recall that was the clutch recall. We got into a little bit of discussion of the difference between a recall like that that surrounds a manufacturing defect and lemon law.

When it comes to the manufacturing defect and things like that, you obviously have a right to a claim when you have a motorcycle that has been manufactured in a defective way. But what about the lemon law?

The whole reason for lemon law was to cover the gap in Georgia law between a manufacturer’s duties and responsibilities, and once that vehicle is resold, motorcycles are no different than four-wheel vehicles.

I don’t understand why there is this difference out there in Georgia law, but I wanted to bring that to your attention because I found it quite shocking. I didn’t know it myself until I saw it. Then, I looked it up to confirm, and sure enough, it’s right there in the statute.

Use Caution When Buying A Motorcycle

Be careful out there when you’re purchasing a motorcycle. Georgia lemon law does not protect you in the purchase of that vehicle. Again, I’m no lemon law expert, but that seems like it’s leaving a huge gap out there.