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How Our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

In this video, attorney Ted Spaulding explains how Spaulding Injury Law personally assists victims of car accidents in Georgia. 

Welcome to the Spaulding Injury Law website. Thank you for coming. I hope you learn more about your car accident case and more about our firm, our attorneys, our staff, and our philosophy in handling Atlanta, Georgia car accident cases. Hi. I’m Theodore Spaulding. I’m the founder and one of the trial attorneys here at Spaulding Injury Law. Our motto at the firm is real lawyers helping real people. Well, what does that mean and what does it mean in the context of a car accident case? Well, we think the most important aspect of that motto is real lawyers. What we mean by that is we are car accident trial lawyers at the end of the day. If we cannot convince the insurance company or companies to offer you fair compensation for your damages from the car wreck we will try your case to a jury of your peers to get that compensation.


We think that’s really important. We know you have a tremendous amount of options out there when it comes to picking an attorney. You have attorneys on billboards, you have attorneys on television, on radio, on the internet where you found us, how do you select the right car accident attorney? Well, in our opinion we think it starts with finding an attorney that is willing to ultimately try your case to a jury if it’s necessary. We think that’s how you unlock just compensation for your car wreck case, very, very important to us.


What else do we do? Well, we do things differently than a lot of attorneys. We are not interested in taking a volume of cases, passing them off to case managers, having the client never really hear from their attorney, settling the case without having to file a lawsuit, and moving on to the next one. We care about each and every one of our cases because it’s a client, it is a person behind the scenes that has suffered, that has gone through a tremendous loss. That is important to us. So we take on every single case as if it’s the only one that we have.


You hear from us on a monthly basis at the very least. Yes, we have paralegals and legal assistants that help us as well with the auto accident case but they aren’t the only ones that you’re hearing from. We work as a team collectively so the attorney can ultimately try that case if it’s absolutely necessary. So please look at more into our firm, look at the Google reviews that we have out there to hear from actual past and present clients, and reach out to us to talk further about your car wreck case, see if you feel like we’re a good fit for your particular case. Again thank you for coming to this website. We hope to hear from you. Have a great day.

For over 15 years, Mr. Spaulding has helped victims of negligence across the state of Georgia resolve personal injury disputes, and he’s received a remarkable number of awards and honors from the legal community recognizing his commitment to clients and to the metro-Atlanta area.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Spaulding belonged to the Phi Beta Kappa honors fraternity at the University of Georgia, and he obtained his legal training at the Georgia State College of Law, where he clerked for the Honorable Judge Rowland Barnes of the Fulton County Superior Court. Mr. Spaulding has also worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Atlanta Enforcement Division. Since 2005, he has dedicated his career to helping the injured victims of negligence and their loved ones win justice in Georgia’s personal injury courts.