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Can You Go to Jail for Driving Without a License?

Can You Go to Jail for Driving Without a License?

One requirement to operate a motor vehicle in Georgia is to have a valid driver’s license. If a driver operates without a license, they can face criminal charges in some situations, as well as civil liability for any accidents they cause. 

If you suffered injuries in an accident because someone else was driving without a license, one of the experienced attorneys from Spaulding Injury Law is standing by to review your situation and advise you of your rights to possible compensation. Read on to learn more about driving without a license in Georgia and how a car accident attorney in Atlanta can help with your case. 

Georgia Has Strict Laws Regarding Driving Without a License 

Georgia law considers it a violation if any person drives without a valid license, whether they never had a license or had one suspended. The penalty for driving without a license in Georgia begins with a misdemeanor charge, with the potential of up to 12 months in jail or a fine of $500 to 1,000. 

The charges you might face in Georgia for driving without a license include:

  • No license on your person – When you are driving a motor vehicle in Georgia, you are required to carry your license in your immediate possession while driving and must produce a copy to law enforcement upon request.
  • Driving without a valid license or driving with a suspended license  – Driving without a valid license is treated more seriously than having no license on your person, and the penalties can include jail time, a fine, probation, and a license suspension or time added to an existing suspension. 


You Could be Arrested for Driving Without a License 

Whether someone is driving without an active license, with a suspended license, or driving with an active license that is simply not on their person, they could be arrested. This means the driver will go to jail – at least for a short time – following the arrest. Even if the driver is released, they might face additional possible jail time if they are convicted of certain driver’s license-related offenses. 

Potential Liability of Drivers Without Licenses

When someone drives on a suspended license or without ever obtaining a license, the law takes it very seriously. People who have not gone through the training and examinations to obtain a license are not qualified to be behind the wheel of a car. Further, people often have their licenses suspended or revoked because authorities deem them to be dangerous drivers. This might be due to impaired driving convictions, too many moving violations, or other serious traffic-related offenses. When they drive without a license, they face liability for any harm that results. 

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If a driver was arrested after your accident for not having a valid license, you should immediately discuss the matter with a car accident attorney. Please never hesitate to schedule a free consultation with Spaulding Injury Law today to learn about a possible case. 

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