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Maintaining Proper Gap Between Motorcycle And Vehicle In Front

As you can imagine, my Lawrenceville motorcycle crash law firm has seen almost everything when it comes to representing motorcycle riders after being injured in an accident.

That being said, this blog is a reminder to keep an appropriate gap between you and the vehicle in front of you when you’re stopped at stop signs and stop lights. You want to have enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you so you can maneuver at the last minute to avoid getting crunched.

Using This Tactic To Avoid Collisions

We’re mainly talking about a rear-end collision with the vehicle approaching from behind, but also cars that are coming in the opposite direction. Someone loses control and not paying attention goes over the center line.

You want to have room so you can maneuver to the right or left to avoid a collision. What you’re trying to avoid is being crunched in between the two vehicles.

I’ve had several of these cases where the biker’s not doing anything wrong in that situation, but is it comparative negligence? Is it a moving violation?

Again, you have to be concerned with your own safety when you’re out there. There is simply too much distracted driving happening these days.

Stay Alert At All Times

I can’t tell you how many cases I see where the biker is sitting there at a stop light or stop sign and the vehicle approaching is not paying attention, doesn’t realize that the light just turned a red, or that there’s a stop light or sign ahead and that there are cars backed up, not paying attention to a device looking down at a GPS unit.

You want to be looking and paying attention at all times while you’re stopped, you want to be paying attention to the vehicles approaching you from behind, and making sure they’re going to stop in time and react accordingly. You want to be watching the vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

If you’re on a two-lane road, this gives you the ability to pay attention and be vigilant to make that maneuver. Watch where you’re stopping. Give yourself plenty of room.

I know it’s annoying. We don’t like to have to do that. A lot of us, including myself, I’m a tailgater, but it’s just so important. It will protect you in the end.

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