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Med Pay Motorcycle Coverage

I wanted to do this video to show you how you can be armed with another tool to protect yourself in the event you’re in a wreck caused by another driver.

Hopefully, that doesn’t happen, but you need to be protected in advance in case. I’ve championed UM Insurance in the past and explained how you need to make sure you’ve got as much UM coverage as possible to protect yourself and pay your bills, even when the wreck’s not your fault.

As a Lawrenceville motorcycle accident attorney, what I’ve been seeing this year, more so than in the past, is that I’ve had a number of motorcycle wreck cases that have been huge accidents. This includes everything from clients being life-flighted, to staying in a hospital for multiple days, etc. As you can imagine there are enormous medical bills associated with these accidents that are caused by a distracted driver, a DUI driver, etc.

What’s been happening in each of these cases is that the medical bills alone are more than all of the various auto insurance policies including UM coverage and everything else that’s available.

How Can Med-Pay Coverage Help?

In these situations, you’ve got bills that the available insurance won’t cover, and it’s a very rare circumstance where you’re going after the individual for their assets. Unless it’s Donald Trump, there’s really no point in going after the individual.

So, how else do you protect yourself in this situation beyond just getting as much UM coverage as possible? Well, that’s the number one way to do it. It’s affordable, protects you, and to put it simply, you’ve got to purchase this coverage.

The number two way is medical payment coverage. When you’re choosing your motorcycle coverage, it’s a separate line item. When you choose this, you get liability that protects when you’re at-fault, when you’re not at fault, and if the other side doesn’t have enough insurance. In the end, you will have your medical payments covered.

Maximize Your Coverage

Now, what I’m seeing is most people either don’t get it at all to save a few dollars on their premium every six months, or they’re only getting $1000 worth of coverage. $1000 doesn’t get you anywhere.

What I want to see you do is maximize not only your UM coverage but maximize your medical payment coverage. I want to see at least $10,000 worth of Med – Pay coverage.

What would be much better is $25,000 or even $50,000 of Med – Pay coverage. See what those rates are and what it would cost you, because it’s massively important.

If you get in a wreck and you’re life-flighted, the helicopter alone is going to cost you $19,000 to $25,000. What if the person who hit you only has $25,000 in coverage and you have no UM, or you only have $25,000 in UM, you are not going to get enough to cover your medical bills, to pay for your lawyer to represent you, and to have compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.

People miss it all the time, and I think agents are making a mistake in not really championing the need for this, just like with UM. Get as much medical payment as possible on all of your policies, especially your motorcycle policy

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