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What To Do In a Car Accident If The Other Driver Has No Insurance

In this video, attorney Ted Spaulding explains what can happen when you get into a car accident and the other driver does not have insurance. He details the steps you need to take to ensure the best possible outcome.

You’ve been in a car accident, the other driver has no auto insurance. What happens? Keep watching this video to find out the answer to this question. Hi, I’m Ted Spaulding. I’m an Atlanta personal injury trial lawyer, and I’m the founder here at Spaulding Injury Law. So, this is an important topic. It’s one that I talk about all the time. I’m a big advocate of this situation because it comes up a decent amount of time, and more so not having no insurance, but not having enough insurance. And how do you protect yourself?

Well, it’s ultimately called UM insurance. This is insurance that you have on your own auto coverage. You don’t have to have it in the state of Georgia. So, it’s an extra line item, you pay an additional premium to have it, but it covers you in the situation where someone who hits you doesn’t have insurance at all or doesn’t have enough to cover the full value of your claim. So, very, very important insurance to have, and to maximize as much as you can.

So, when this situation arises, you’re basically left with two situations, or two options I should say, going forward with your claim. One, you’re stuck either pursuing the individual, personally, which is hardly ever a beneficial situation. I always joke, it was before he was president that, you know, unless it’s Donald Trump, there’s no point in going after someone personally, outside of insurance. They don’t have any assets. They’re not gonna be able to pay a judgment that you get against them. That’s why you having it, this insurance coverage for this situation, is so, so important.

So, that’s your first option, which isn’t a great one. The second one is you pursue a UM claim. That’s a claim on your insurance for an at-fault accident by someone else that doesn’t have that insurance or doesn’t have enough of it. So, it’s a UM claim. You got to get with your insurance company as quickly as possible after the wreck to find out if you’ve got it and how much.

So, hopefully, this helps you with this unique situation. If you have any questions about this topic, or if you have a personal injury claim, or car wreck claim that you would like to talk to me about, reach out. Comment to this video below. Go to our website spauldinginjurylaw.com. We have a contact form on there or give me a phone call. Two phone numbers for you, 770-744-0890, or 470-695-9950. Thanks so much for watching this video. Appreciate it.

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