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What is a Plaintiff? 

Claim form being filled by a plantiff

Simply put, a plaintiff is the person filing a claim in court. The defendant is the person or party the plaintiff has brought the claim against. The plaintiff must file a statement of claim, or petition, which is a sworn statement that contains all the required information for a proper claim to be made.  Fil...

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What Are the Major Companies Located In Alpharetta Georgia?


Located in Fulton County, just over 30 miles from Atlanta is the vibrant and beautiful city of Alpharetta. Alpharetta has a lot to offer and many residents of Alpharetta live in charming, southern homes, in upscale neighborhoods. Alpharetta puts great effort into the quality of life it affords its citizens a...

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Getting Rear-Ended While Stopped

rear end collision

Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of car crashes on our roadways, and they are exceptionally dangerous. The person who is rear-ended is often at a stop at the time of the accident, which generally indicates a serious level of distraction on the part of the rear driver. If you are in the unfo...

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Common Surgeries After Car Accidents

surgery room

The immense impact of car accidents makes them exceptionally dangerous, and many of the injuries sustained by car accident victims require surgery and extensive follow-up care, which can make the recovery period that much more challenging. If another driver’s negligence leaves you injured, it’s time to co...

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Mask Mandates for Georgia

Girl using a face mask in Georgia

At Spaulding Injury Law, we want everyone in the Atlanta area to stay safe and healthy, which includes staying aware of mask mandates and other health information relating to the Covid-19 pandemic in Georgia. With varying levels of Covid cases throughout the United States, mask mandates and policies are const...

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What Are the Top 6 Employers Located in Alpharetta, Georgia?

cincinnati kroger building

Alpharetta, Georgia, is home to many major corporations, including several Fortune 500 companies. Alpharetta is a very tech-friendly area, with miles of fiber optics and world-class internet speeds that lure premium companies to the region. These corporations employ people from within the city and several su...

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Georgia Wrongful Death Statute

Insurance law practice books

A wrongful death claim addresses the loss of a family member to someone else’s negligence – or worse – and they are some of the most legally and emotionally challenging civil cases. No form of legal compensation can ever return your loved one to you, but a wrongful death claim may provide you with the r...

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Grant Park Food Truck Festival

Grant Park Food Truck Festival

If you don’t love a good food truck, you don’t know what you’re missing, and if you know, you know. The Grant Park festival, called the Food-O-Rama Food Truck Festival, is a great opportunity for food truck enthusiasts and the newly curious alike to explore a world of enticing and exciting epicurean del...

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