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Practice Area Category: Motorcycle Accident Case

$427,845 Settlement in Motorcycle Accident Case

A teenage driver pulled out of an intersection directly in front of the motorcycle driver. Spaulding Injury Law took what looked like was only going to be around $50,000.00 in insurance coverage when the client came to them–and increased the value for the client by over 8x —The kicker is that Spaulding Injury Law was able to convince the insurance company to add over $77,000 of property damage coverage to the personal injury claim. Persistence, strong advocacy, and creativeness are vital in these cases.

$1,100,000.00 Motorcycle Accident

Our motorcycle accident lawyers were able to obtain all insurance policy limits available to client who suffered severe injuries when a commercial truck turned in front of his motorcycle causing him to fly over the hood of the truck. We were able to obtain more UM coverage than thought available due to the insurance company’s failure to follow Georgia law allowing our client to recover much need funds to pay for his losses.

$150,000.00 Atlanta Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclist broke his elbow when a driver turned in front of his motorcycle causing him to go over the hood of the at-fault driver’s vehicle. This was a policy limits case involving three insurance companies between the at-fault driver’s and two separate UM polices carried by our client.

Policy Limits Motorcycle Death

Obtained maximum amount of insurance coverage for surviving wife who lost her son when an intoxicated driver turned in front of his motorcycle causing him to lay his bike down.

Policy Limits — Motorcycle Accident Death

Family of motorcyclist killed by a school bus in Savannah, Ga hired our firm to pursue his wrongful death. Evidence revealed that the bus driver was distracted at the time she attempted to turn left at an intersection while she was looking down reading a handwritten list. Our client was traveling in the opposite direction on his motorcycle when the bus suddenly turned into him killing him.

Our motorcycle accident trial lawyers were able to obtain all available insurance monies available from the school district and our client’s own insurance.