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Who is Responsible For My Child’s Dog Bite Injuries in Atlanta?

Who is Responsible For My Child’s Dog Bite Injuries in Atlanta?

Many children tend to be attracted to animals, especially dogs of all breeds. Unfortunately, many children also do not have an appreciation for the risk of dogs to suddenly turn vicious and bite them.

This combination is likely the reason that children under the age of nine years make up approximately half of all dog bite victims in the United States.

Dog bites can cause severe injuries, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that approximately 885,000 people require medical treatment for their dog bites. Because children are small, they are particularly susceptible to bites on their face, head, and neck. Such injuries may cause brain damage, permanent facial disfigurement, and more. Many young dog bite victims require emergency care, hospital stays, and surgical procedures after a dog bite. When they face the resulting medical bills and emotional trauma, parents naturally wonder whether they may hold anyone liable for their child’s injuries and suffering.

Georgia Dog Bite Law

Numerous states in the U.S. hold dog owners strictly liable for dog bites, whether their dog had previously bitten anyone or not. Regrettably for Atlanta dog bite victims, the state of Georgia does not have such a law. Instead, Georgia’s dog bite law actually weighs in favor of the dog owner over injured victims.

In Georgia, you may hold a dog owner liable if you show in court that the dog was vicious or dangerous AND that the owner knew that the dog was vicious or dangerous. This is a difficult showing if the dog had never previously bitten a person. You may also hold a dog owner liable for your child’s injuries, however, if a dog owner lets the dog run free in an area that requires the dog to be on a leash.

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