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Riding Your Motorcycle Safely In The Rain

We’ve had a ton of rain over the past 3-4 months in the state of Georgia and in particularly in Atlanta.

These tips my motorcycle accident law firm will provide are timely, especially now that we’re getting close to spring in the next couple of months and will have some more rain our way.


Be As Visible And Attentive As Possible

You have to remember you’re not as visible to drivers, especially in the rain and even fog. This means you’re going to be even less visible to our four-wheeled brethren out there. You have to be very careful and attentive when you’re riding in the rain for that reason.

Slow Down

During the rain, you want to slow down, not because of what you think, which is losing control or slippery roads. The real reason is that since you are not as visible in the rain, slowing down will help you not be more visible, but it’s going to help you be more attentive to other drivers on the road, especially when you’re coming to stops.