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Things to Do in Fairburn, GA

In recent years, Fairburn, Georgia, has grown considerably in terms of both its business and industry and its beautiful residential areas. Through it all, however, it has maintained its small-town feel. With direct access to Interstate 85 and the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Fairburn is a great place to settle, and there is plenty to do once you’re here. 


The Old Campbell County Historical Society

The Old Campbell County Historical Society is committed to preserving the memory of Georgia’s historic Campbell County. Campbell County was bankrupted during the Great Depression, which caused it to merge with Fulton County and lose its unique identity. The Old Campbell County Historical Society has taken it upon itself to help preserve its rich history by gathering the oral histories, documents, and artifacts that tell Campbell County’s story. Their facility includes a research library and museum – with reserves of documents and photos – that welcome everyone and are housed in the Historic Train Depot in Palmetto.

Restored picture of M. P. Harvey store, circa 1885.


The Southside Theater Guild

The Southside Theater Guild is a nonprofit entertainment mecca that is the longest-running community theater in the state. The Guild is passionate about sharing the performing arts with everyone, and as a result, they offer opportunities to not only enjoy live theater but also to participate in it. In September and October, they are running Ernest Thompson’s On Golden Pond, and in November, The 1940’s Radio Hour by Walton Jones is up. If you’re ready to enjoy live theater, the Southside Theater Guild is the perfect destination.

Southside Theatre Guild (Fairburn) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go


Gallery Miriam

Gallery Miriam showcases African American artists who hail from French-speaking African countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A tour through this culturally rich gallery offers a unique view of Africa through the lens of handcrafted sculpture and abstract paintings. They also provide a monthly schedule of special events and exhibits that is sure to please.

Gallery Miriam, 316 Pennant Ln, Fairburn, GA 30213, USA

Duncan Park 

Duncan Park is a local favorite for its well-maintained grounds and the array of recreational activities it supports, including:

  • A pool for laps or splashing
  • A pond with a trail around it for walking, jogging, or strolling
  • Basketball hoops
  • Tennis courts
  • A baseball diamond
  • A soccer field

There are also shady trees for picnicking under or simply lying back and soaking it all in. Whether you’re ready to practice your backhand, shoot some hoops, or hang out in the peaceful outdoors with your family, Duncan Park is here for you.


The Georgia Renaissance Festival 

The Georgia Renaissance Festival is one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions, and it provides the opportunity for the whole family to venture back in time to King Henry VIII’s England. Along the way, you can enjoy all the following:

  • Jugglers and Harlequins and all their antics
  • Period music played by musicians in period costumes
  • Period food, including those massive turkey legs that you can’t have a renaissance festival without
  • Costumed peasants who help take the experience to the next level

You can even join in the fun by renting cosplay outfits of your own. Going strong for 37 years now, this renaissance festival has withstood the test of time and is sure to delight your friends and family. The festival runs from mid-July to early June, but from late September through Halloween, they also host The Village, which is billed as an outdoor haunt experience that will send a chill down your spine.

The Georgia Renaissance Festival 


The Psychopath Challenge

If you are into all things terrifying, Fairburn has more on tap. The Psychopath Challenge is touted as a terrifying 1/2-mile trail that covers 10 acres of post-apocalyptic wasteland. As you claw your way through abandoned corn fields and pitch-black woods, you can expect to come face-to-face with a ghoulish menagerie of zombies and mutants that make your wildest nightmares pale in comparison.

The Psychopath Challenge in Fairburn GA



The Fairburn Farmers’ Market

If you’re interested in enjoying the best of the area’s freshly grown fruits and vegetables – along with an array of other delicious and enticing offerings – the Fairburn Farmers’ Market is the destination for you. The market sets up every Friday evening from May through August, and each week you can expect an impressive array of samplings from local farmers, bakers, food artisans, and beyond.

The Fairburn Farmers’ Market



Cochran Mill Park

Cochran Mill Park offers a beautiful slice of Georgia’s unprecedented natural beauty. The delightful views are the perfect backdrop to enjoy the tranquil creeks and waterfalls, take a peaceful hike, have a quaint picnic, or simply enjoy some outdoor family time with your crew.

Cochran Mill Park in Fairburn GA


Historic Downtown Fairburn

Downtown Fairburn made it onto the National Register of Historic Places for many very good reasons that include:

  • It boasts two train depots.
  • It houses 20 historic commercial buildings.
  • Historians believe that its Holly Hill Memorial Park is the state’s oldest veteran-built monument to WWI. 

A stroll around historic downtown Fairburn is the best way to get a feel for everything this little city has to offer. You and the entire family can enjoy the sights and history of the area.



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