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How Much Does A Truck Accident Attorney Cost

In this video, attorney Theodore Spaulding answers the question of how truck accident attorneys are compensated during personal injury cases.

How much does a truck accident attorney cost?

Hi. I’m Theodore Spaulding. I’m an Atlanta trial lawyer and the founder here at Spaulding Injury Law. Keep watching this video to find out the answer to this question.

So tractor, trailer, truck accident cases is one of the specialties that we have here at Spaulding Injury Law. We handle a number of these cases every single year. These tend to be bigger cases, injuries are much more severe. So the question is what does it cost to hire a truck accident attorney in Georgia? So the short answer is it costs you nothing upfront, but be careful because you need to know what is it going to cost you at the end. So you see a lot of advertising all over the place that, you know, “No fee unless we win. You won’t pay anything unless we win.” While that is not a false statement, it is not the full statement.

So what we have here is two components of what you owe a truck accident attorney, but you don’t owe it until there is a recovery, right? So first and most importantly and obviously the largest chunk would be the attorney’s fees. You are not paying on an hourly basis, you are not paying a retainer upfront like you would for an hourly attorney. It’s a contingency fee. So that’s the part that you only owe if you win, okay? And that number ranges from typically a third, so 33 1/3%, up to 40%, 45% or 50%. We don’t go any higher than 40% and we explain all that in grave detail to our clients so they understand when that triggers and all of that. But some firms charge even more than 40%. So that’s the one component.

The other component that is not caught when you see commercials and things saying you don’t pay anything and the like is you also reimburse at the end any expenses that the law firm has fronted on your behalf to pursue your claim or case. These are things like court filing fees, fees to take a deposition of the truck driver or the representative for the trucking company. All those things can add up. That component is owed separately. And many firms charge that regardless of whether you win. So be very careful about how all of that works in your case or claim with your attorney.

So I hope that answers the question, what does it cost to hire a truck accident attorney? If you have any questions about this topic or any others, comment below to this video, go to our website spauldinginjurylaw.com, or give me a phone call. Two phone numbers for you: 770-744-0780 or 470-695-9950. Thanks so much for watching this video.

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