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Truck Crashes Can Be Toxic

Truck Crashes Can Be Toxic

Anytime a large commercial truck crashes, our wrongful death attorneys know there is the potential for devastating damage and injuries. However, the risks of injury increase substantially if the truck is carrying toxic chemicals or substances.

Trucks that carry hazardous materials are referred to as HAZMAT trucks and it requires additional training and a special endorsement for truck drivers to operate these trucks. However, even with this additional training and qualifications, drivers can still make mistakes and the results can have widespread effects. In the event of an accident, an Atlanta truck accident lawyer can help.

Toxic Chemicals Released Into the Air

At the end of last year, two tractor-trailers crashed, one of which was carrying a variety of swimming pool cleaning supplies, including chlorine, oxidizers, and other substances that are corrosive. A fire started, releasing toxic chemicals into the air with the smoke. In addition, because of the nature of the chemicals, when emergency workers used water to put out the fire, even more chemicals were released into the air.

The following occurred as a result of this toxic crash:

  • The highway was completely closed to allow for clean-up efforts
  • People in nearby homes and businesses were first ordered to remain inside
  • Authorities then ordered the evacuation of everyone in the affected region
  • School buses were not permitted to pick up children in the area to take them to school

While there were no specific reports of serious injuries from the crash, others who are near toxic truck accidents are not so lucky. If a truck collides with a car and flammable toxins explode, all of the motorists can suffer severe burns or may not survive. If you have lost a loved one in a truck accident, contact a wrongful death attorney right away.

Who is Liable for Injuries or Wrongful Death?

As with any commercial truck accident, determining liability for a toxic truck crash can be challenging, as many parties many have contributed to the crash. Some parties that may be held liable include:

  • Truck Drivers – For driver errors, such as distracted, impaired, or fatigued driving
  • Trucking Companies – For negligent hiring, allowing unqualified drivers to operate HAZMAT trucks, or other negligent practices
  • Cargo Loaders – For not properly loading the chemicals or cargo, so the trailer was thrown off balance
  • Manufacturers – For selling defective truck parts that caused a malfunction

After any type of commercial truck accident, you need a wrongful death attorney on your side that has the resources to handle these complex and often challenging cases with as little stress as possible on you. Please call the skilled wrongful death attorneys at Spaulding Injury Law at (770) 744-0890 to discuss your case today.

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