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Case Results

Below you will find some results we have obtained for previous clients in wrongful death and personal injury matters of all different types. Many of these results have been obtained by our Atlanta injury lawyers in just the past few years.

$750,000.00 Truck Accident

Result after mediation of a tractor-trailer collision case headed to trial wherein our clients sustained back injuries after being rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on I-285 during rush hour traffic in Atlanta.

$665,000.00 Toxic Mold Exposure

Our attorneys were able to obtain this result for couple whose home was damaged and they were exposed to black mold in their home.

$650,000.00 Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collision involving a distracted teenage driver who testified he looked down to change radio stations failing to realize our client’s vehicle had been stopped in the roadway in front of him. The collision caused our client to suffer significant lumbar spine injuries necessitating surgery.

$425,000.00 Dram Shop

Result obtained for our client who was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a friend who had been drinking heavily at a restaurant. Friend lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a tree at a high rate of speed severely injuring our client. We obtained this result against the establishment over serving the driver.

$400,000.000 Trip and Fall

Our client received a severely broken wrist and fractured hip in a fall outside a hospital due to a raised area of the concrete in a parking lot.

$367,500.00 Product Defect

Client sustained herniated discs in his neck from a fall due to a defective consumer product. Result was obtained at a pre-suit mediation after our lawyers worked up the case and found other instances of the company being sued over similar defects.

$250,000.00 Rear-End Collision

Obtained this result for client in the third car struck by at-fault driver not paying attention. Client suffered an annular tear in her cervical disc along with multiple thoracic bulging discs. The maximum amount of insurance coverage was $300,000.00.

$230,000.00 Workplace Accident

Client who was a butcher by trade injured his right hand when the sleeve of his jacket got caught in a meat grinder that had not automatically shut off as it was designed to do due to poor maintenance of the machine. Client fractured several bones in his hand.

$200,000.00 Trip and Fall

Elderly client tripped and fell at a popular grocery store due to the negligent placement of a metal bar across a walking surface near the cart are at the front of the store. Client suffered several broken bones in the fall.

$165,000.00 Rear-End Collision

Client suffered aggravation of a pre-existing back injury requiring future surgery when the defendant began to back his vehicle up at a high rate of speed in a parking lot striking our client’s vehicle.