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Do You Really Need To Hire A Lawyer After An Auto Accident?

This is without doubt the number 1 question we hear from potential clients. People often question if they really need to work with an attorney after sustaining injuries in a car accident. They often ask “What is a car accident attorney? What exactly does he do?” Can’t I file a claim without a lawyer?

Our answer is MAYBE. You will not hear that from many lawyers out there.

The bottom line is it depends on a number of factors in our opinion and because there is no requirement that you hire an attorney, you can always decide not to.

Read our article titled “How Do You Know If You Need An Attorney After A Car Accident?” to learn the 3 main factors that, in our opinion, help you decide whether hiring an auto accident lawyer is advisable. Also, remember that speaking to a lawyer is a must even if you do not end up hiring one.