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Is Time Of The Essence In Contacting An Attorney After A Wreck?

YES, but not for the reason you may think.

We believe the car accident lawyer’s first and most important job when handling a claim for a client is to uncover all sources of potential insurance coverage and putting each insurer on notice as quickly as possible after a car wreck. This includes all potential insurance you as the client have purchased that may apply.

If you or someone on your behalf does not put your insurance company(s) on notice quickly (sometimes as little as 90 days after the wreck) of a potential injury claim, your insurance policy that may have otherwise covered you for some or all of your damages will not. Your policy has language that requires you to “as promptly as possible” put the insurer on notice of a potential claim.

This is why we always recommend everyone injured in an auto accident at least talk to a lawyer so they can protect their rights.