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What To Expect During the Claim Process

Much of the answer depends on what type of incident caused your injuries. Whether it is a car accident; slip and fall incident; product defect matter or other incident, the process has a lot of similarities with a few differences between the different types of incidents.

The first event typically is an adjuster calling you to learn more about your incident and attempting to get you to do a recorded statement. If it is a car accident incident, this adjuster will be from the auto insurance company for the other driver. If it is a slip and fall or other incident involving a company on the other side, an adjuster from a third party or in house claims department will call you.

The main objective of the phone call from an adjuster is to convince you to do a recorded statement. You never want to do it and here is why.

Without legal representation, you run the risk of saying the wrong thing or accepting the wrong settlement when speaking to the insurance adjuster.

The adjuster will then work on investigating who is at fault for the incident and will request that you provide him or her with all of your medical records and bills as well as any evidence you have collected regarding the incident such as photographs or videos. You will want to give these items to the adjuster as it helps build your claim against the at fault party.

After the adjuster has performed his or her investigation and has received all of your treatment related records, if liability is found against the other party, the adjuster will reach out to you to try to resolve your claim. Keep in mind that you only get one bite at the apple. Once you agree on a number, that is it. That number compensates you for all of your damages; medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that you are expected to do in order to properly pursue your claim. In addition, you have to know the value of your claim in order to properly negotiate with the adjuster to resolve it. How do you do all of this properly? If you are asking this question, you likely need to hire an attorney to represent you.

A lawyer will immediately step in and begin investigating the incident that you were involved in to determine who was liable. He or she will go about to collect and preserve all evidence that is out there that will help prove the other party is at fault.

In addition, your attorney will collect all of your medical records and bills to ensure all treatment costs are included in your claim. This is quite the process especially if you are treating with multiple doctors over many months or years.

Most importantly, a lawyer will ensure that you are treated fairly by the insurance company and that you understand the true value of your claim. Making a mistake when dealing with the insurance company on your own could cost you the opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries, which is why it’s often so important to work with an attorney.

If your case goes to trial, an attorney can also prepare the evidence and present a convincing case to the jury that shows why they should choose to award you compensation. A personal injury lawyer is a valuable asset that can assist you during every step of the legal process, so it’s strongly recommended that you do not take action against the negligent party without a lawyer.