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Who Is Liable For Truck Accidents?

One of the reasons why truck accident cases are much more complex than car accident cases is because of the number of parties that could be liable. In a car accident, the fault typically lies with one of the drivers involved in the crash. But, there are other parties that could be to blame for a truck accident besides just the truck driver.

The driver’s employer may be held liable because of a legal doctrine called “respondeat superior,” which says an employer can be held responsible for the actions of an employee. This means if the accident was caused by a negligent driver, the employer and the driver may both be held liable. An employer can also be held liable if they failed to comply with certain federal regulations.

For example, trucking companies must routinely maintain trucks to ensure they are safe to take out on the road. If an accident occurs because of the company’s failure to maintain the truck, the liability would fall on the company.

Besides the driver and the trucking company, parts manufacturers can also be held responsible if a defective part causes the accident. The shipper/loader of the truck’s cargo could also be to blame in accidents caused by improperly loaded cargo. This can occur when the weight of the cargo is not evenly distributed in the back of the truck, which makes it very difficult for the driver to control the truck.

More than one party can be held liable for a truck accident, so you will need an experienced truck accident attorney to help you identify the parties that should be held responsible for your injuries.