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Truck Accidents in Johns Creek

Johns Creek Truck Accident Lawyer

With Johns Creek being tucked between two major highways littered with tractor-trailer movement— GA 400 and I-85— the good news is we see very few truck accident injury cases in Johns Creek involving tractor-trailers.  However, with State Bridge Road and 141 running through the heart of Johns Creek and the thriving communities and retail economy in Johns Creek, what we do see plenty of is truck accident cases involving other large trucks and commercial vehicles like box trucks, dump trucks, and small haulers as they drive in and through Johns Creek.  

If you have been in a large truck accident and are injured, you are probably worried about the future. Your injury means medical bills, possible loss of income, and maybe even an unforeseen future as you work hard to get well. The truck accident lawyers in Johns Creek at Spaulding Injury Law understand that and are waiting to talk with you.


Real Lawyers Helping Real People

Our attorneys have a lot of truck accident litigation experience. At Spaulding Injury Law, the motto we live by is “Real Lawyers Helping Real People”. This means:

  • First and foremost that we are real Johns Creek commercial vehicle accident lawyers that will give you straightforward advice on whether you really need to hire an attorney and if you hire us, we will be the type of lawyer that will not just treat you like a number, pawning you off to a “case manager” never to hear from your attorney again. 
  • Second, it means that if we take on your case, you are getting real trial lawyers that are not afraid to try your case to a jury if necessary for you to receive all the compensation for your losses you need to fully recover. Not all cases end up being tried, however, it is imperative to your success that the insurance company knows your lawyer will take it there if necessary. 
  • Third and finally, it means we believe in only representing individuals in the community truly in need of just compensation for their injuries, loss of work, lower quality of life, and other damages resulting from your accident.

Give Spaulding Injury Law a call and set up a free consultation. Our truck accident lawyers in Johns Creek will go over your rights and options as well as what you can expect should we take on your truck injury accident case. 


Do You Really Need To Hire A Johns Creek Truck Accident Attorney?

Wondering whether you need an attorney after a major truck accident is natural. Unlike in other accident situations where the answer is “it depends,” our truck accident lawyers always recommend someone in a large truck accident or other commercial vehicle accident hire an attorney and do so quickly.

The most important thing for injury victims to understand is why it is so important to hire an attorney and quickly in these cases.  The reason is simple.  From the moment the wreck occurs, you are behind the other side in gathering evidence to protect your rights.  Insurance companies that insure the companies behind these large trucks and other commercial vehicles know that the stakes are high in these cases.  More often than not, the accident is severe, and your injuries are extensive.  

The Insurance Companies

As a result, the insurance companies insuring these companies have assembled a large team of attorneys, investigators, and experts who are ready within hours to arrive at the scene of a wreck to investigate what happened and gather evidence that may help the insurance company defend against your case.  You need to counteract their efforts with an injury team of your own that can quickly investigate the circumstances of the wreck and assemble the experts necessary to defend against the insurance company’s efforts to minimize your damages. 


How An Attorney Can Help?

Our truck accident injury team focuses from day one on building a rock-solid case for you to give you the best chance possible to receive all the compensation for your injuries and losses you need to fully recover.  This begins with securing the evidence to prove the truck driver was 100% at-fault for the wreck.  It then turns to prove all of your injuries, treatment and lost wages are 100% related to the wreck.  It ends with securing a full recovery for your losses in or out of court to include the potential trial of your case to a jury of your peers. 

Some of the ways our Johns Creek attorneys will accomplish this are:

  • Serve as your point of contact with all involved parties in your case
  • Assess and investigate the facts of your case
  • Collect and analyze evidence, including law enforcement and insurance reports, physical evidence, and witness testimony
  • Coordinate with experts to develop a solid legal case backed by the facts
  • Collaborate with an internal team to develop a solid case
  • Negotiate with the insurance company and opposing parties to get what you deserve 
  • Complete all casework, including document filings and representation in court

Our ultimate goal is to take all the stress of having to handle and worry about the pursuit of your case off your shoulders so you can focus on your health and your family during your time of need.  


How Long Do You Have to File a Truck Accident Claim?

The time to file a claim after a truck accident is limited. Under Georgia law, two years from the date of your wreck is the typical statute of limitations. Cases that involve suing the government have a shorter window. There are a few exceptions that may extend the statute of limitations beyond two years but those are rare.  

BEWARE!  As stated earlier, in truck and commercial vehicle accident cases you do not want to even wait months to hire an attorney and begin protecting your rights.  Evidence supporting your case can disappear well before the expiration of your statute of limitations.  Do not delay.  


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

It is expensive to pursue a truck accident or other commercial vehicle accident case and not many people can afford to pay out of pocket. To help offset the cost, if we take on your case, we do so on a contingency fee arrangement. 

Under this type of agreement, you pay nothing in fees to the firm unless and until you receive compensation for your injuries and damages whether that be through settlement before trial or after obtaining a verdict from the jury.  If you obtain nothing, you pay nothing in attorneys’ fees.  

Trucking companies, other commercial vehicle owners and their insurance companies have all the money in the world to defend against your injury case.  The contingency fee arrangement we offer helps level the playing field, allowing you to fully pursue your case to obtain the justice you deserve. 


How Much Is Your Johns Creek Truck Accident Claim Worth?

You undoubtedly are wondering how much you can receive in justified damages because of your injuries in a truck accident. To figure out the damages you have a right too, your truck accident lawyers near Johns Creek will consider the following:

  • Your total medical expenses, including anticipated, future medical expenses
  • Your total lost wages, including anticipated, future lost wages
  • Lost earning potential in the future due to permanent injuries
  • Pain and suffering; past, present and future
  • Quality of life impact

What you will receive for any or all of the above depends on several things unique to your individual case, including: 

  • The severity of the collision
  • Is it a truck regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act
  • What county in Georgia your case is to be tried in
  • Your background and how well you testify as to what happened and how it affected your life


Should I Call My Insurance Company After I’m in a Truck Accident?

As soon as you are able or if you are not, a loved one should immediately contact your insurance company and get started on a claim. Most policies require you to notify the company if the policyholder is in an accident, regardless of whose fault the accident was. You also are required to notify your insurance company promptly after the accident.  Failure to notify the insurance company and to do so promptly can result in a denial of any claims.

Remember, earlier on, during the timeframe you have to notify your own insurance company, you likely do not know if the at-fault driver and his or her company have valid insurance in place to cover your damages.  This is where you insurance comes into play and therefore, why you want to make sure it is available to cover you in case coverage falls thru with the at-fault party’s insurance.  

Some of those coverages you may need, include:

  • Collision coverage for the damage to your vehicle
  • Medical payments coverage to pay some of your medical expenses
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to pay your personal injury claim

Before you contact your insurance company, consider hiring a Johns Creek truck accident attorney first to help submit your notification to your insurance company. Let them represent you to your insurance company to ensure your best interests are always acted on. 


Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Johns Creek

Did you know that over 70% of all passenger vehicle fatalities involve a large truck and over 100,000 people suffer serious injuries in a truck accident annually? Again, the good news out of such a tragic statistic is that Johns Creek residents are not as exposed to these types of wrecks as other Georgia citizens for the reasons stated above.  

That being said, we see plenty of large truck accidents in and around Johns Creek and there is a troubling pattern to their causes. Common causes of Johns Creek truck accidents include, but are not limited to: 

  • Equipment failure
  • Aggressive driving on surface roads
  • Driver fatigue
  • Excessive speed
  • Distracted driving
  • Poor training and inexperience
  • Weather and road conditions


Talk to a Truck Accident Attorney in Johns Creek Today

The quicker you move on your truck accident claim, the more likely you are to receive what you deserve promptly. Call Spaulding Injury Law’s experienced truck accident lawyers today and discuss your case with knowledgeable and experienced Johns Creek truck accident lawyers today.