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Be Careful Bikers!-25% of Motorcycle Fatalities Involved Rider With High BAC

Plain and simple, drinking and driving is a dangerous activity that leads to numerous fatalities among motorists.

The sad part about this is that many victims realize the dangerous situation they are placing themselves in initially, before making the decision to drive under the influence.

Interestingly, the Georgia Highway Safety Association (GHSA) conducted a study on the cause of the deadliest on-road collisions that involve bikers.

To no surprise, the GHSA concluded that 25% of motorcycle fatalities involved riders with high blood alcohol concentrations (BAC).

While this topic is becoming cliché, there is often a misconception that driving drunk is different than driving after just having a few drinks.

Regardless of the amount consumed, alcohol is both a stimulant and a sedative.

This means that any amount of alcohol that has been consumed by a rider can effectively inhibit them from making sound decisions on the road.

By watching this video, you will receive the information you need to truly stay safe and hopefully, avoid a deadly accident.