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Cornering and Traction

Cornering and traction can be a big issue when riding motorcycles. With the loss of a motorcyclist in Georgia recently that lost control of his bike, it’s important to review these tips to make sure you’re staying safe on the road.

You should pay attention to your angle while cornering. You’re right at the limit with 45 degrees of lateral force, about 1 g when cornering. This is the standard for traction in America.

If you try to tilt more than this the metal on your bike could hit the road. The bike is designed this way to keep you from tipping.

Rain also has little to do with traction. It’s a myth that rain is a big factor for losing control while cornering. The first ten to fifteen minutes during rain can be the most dangerous.

This is when debris and grease come to the surface. After that, rain doesn’t play a big factor in loss of traction.

When it comes to traction, grabbing your brakes in the turn is a big issue. Be sure to slow down before the turn to prevent yourself from losing control.

There are several myths involved with cornering and traction on bikes. One is that speed doesn’t have much to do with traction. Speed surprisingly has little to do with traction while cornering.

Another myth is that too much weight plays a big role in losing traction. This isn’t true. In fact, more weight might even help you stay grounded.

Be sure to check your tires and keep proper tire pressure. Replace tires when they’re worn.

This will help you stay safe on the road. Be sure to share any tips with the group to help others stay safe out there.