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Fatality Stats—Roadway v. Interstate

I was recently asked to compare service roads, freeways, and country roadways for motorcyclist’s accident rates and fatality rates.

To many people’s surprise—even my own—I found that service roads and urban areas are more dangerous than the country back roads for bikers to ride on.

When we say, “more dangerous” we mean that the actual fatality rate is higher as well as the accident rate.

There are simply more vehicles around the biker, more driving scenarios that force people to merge, and more obstacles on and around the road that can interfere with people’s driving and ability to ride their motorcycles safely.

You don’t have to feel anxious when you’re riding in these busy areas though.

It’s best to protect yourself with adequate coverage, preparing for even the worst-case scenario.

If you do end up in an unfortunate accident, you can eliminate costs that you simply can’t afford.

Watch this video to learn more.