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Harley Tire Issues and Need For More Safety

It's no secret that motorcycle riders carry an increased risk of having their safety put in jeopardy on the road.

Unfortunately, due to some blatant safety defects on some Harley motorcycle parts, you could be at risk of suffering a severe injury due to a motorcycle accident on the road.

In fact, you could even be killed.

As a result, we created this video to inform you on the disturbing safety issues regarding Harley tires.

In this video, you will learn more about the dangerous defects of many Harley brand tires, and how you could be at risk if you aren't careful and aware.

Also, you will also understand what is being done to prevent future safety defects from motorcycle products by advocacy groups.

Overall, keeping yourself safe should be your #1 priority when you are traveling on the road.

This video will give you the latest information on how you can avoid an unfortunate accident just by keeping yourself aware of certain motorcycle defects.