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Hospital Scam–Treatment For Injuries Paid By At Fault Insurance

Here's the scenario...

You get injured, and you're transported to a hospital. Of course, you let the nurse or administrator know that you're there because of a car wreck or motorcycle accident.

And immediately, they have you fill in various forms and say they'll bill it to the at-fault party.

Well, it turns out this is a scam. The at-fault party insurance does not pay the bill, certainly not right away. Instead, the insurance company pays you a settlement that may include the back bill.

Sure, the hospital will send the bill to the at-fault insurance, but they know they're not going to get paid. Then, within just a few days or weeks, they turn around and file a hospital lien

The law says that the lawyer and/or you must deal with the lien out of the settlement to get rid of the lien and avoid legal action against you.

But, the hospital is not telling you the full story. And it's all because they can make more money by filing a hospital lien and having you deal with it, rather than by taking the health insurance rate.

We've had multiple clients being told by the hospitals that they're not allowed by law to take health insurance when you're in a car wreck, that they have to bill it to the at-fault insurance. That's a lie.

There are other scams and schemes as well where they tell the patients they can't take their health insurance. They may even take your card but then not run it, and instead file a lien.

I learned this when I had a client who had been in a really bad wreck. She too was told that it's against the law to take her health insurance, and that the at-fault party insurance will pay.

She ended up with a $16,000 bill. And as her lawyer, I had to deal with this before I could get her the settlement money. So, I got in touch with the hospital's lawyer. He was shocked and we were able to get it resolved.

Meanwhile, the health insurance still didn't pay for it because by then it was too late.

You absolutely have the right to have your health insurance used. If they won't use it, tell them to transport you somewhere else.

If you're ever in this situation, be sure to check up on them and make sure they've billed your health insurance.