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“Loud Pipes Save Lives” Is It A Myth?

"Loud Pipes Save Lives" is a common phrase used by motorcyclists to point out that loud exhaust pipes can potentially help a rider avoid a serious motorcycle collision.

There are many bikers that believe that this phrase holds some truth, while there are others who are skeptical.

In this video, I dissected this phrase and performed some in-depth research to find out if this phrase is true.

The answer will definitely shock you and inform you on the truths of motorcycle safety.

I will also explain some basic misconceptions about the phrase mentioned above, by going into detail about why this phrase is accurate...or a myth. You'll have to watch the video to figure out!

By the end of this video, you will be informed of how you should take necessary defensive measures to keep yourself safe, and why you should focus on being "seen" and not heard in order to prevent a deadly motorcycle collision.