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Motorcycle Tip For Riding In The Rain

The first tip: You're not as visible in the rain

Always remember that you're not as visible in the rain (or in fog) as you're on clear days. You're even less visible than you would normally be.

The second tip: Slow down when it's raining

You want to slow down, and not necessarily because you may lose control on slippery roads (though that is, of course, a concern).

But you should slow down from a perspective of being less visible in the rain. And while slowing down by itself will not make you more visible, it will help you be more attentive to other drivers on the road as well as to the conditions.

Be especially sure to slow down at intersections.

Going more slowly than you would when it's not raining is especially important when you come to 4-way stops, traffic lights, or other types of stops.

I hope this reiterates your past training and will help you avoid accidents when you're riding in the rain.