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Motorcycle Tip: How To Deal With Tailgaters

Tailgaters are a huge problem and especially dangerous for motorcycle riders. So, here's how we can deal with them in a safe way.

First, we have to make sure we're not the problem. We should be riding with the flow of traffic. Tailgating often happens when we are too slow. And if you're a new rider, you might be nervous and maintain a slower speed so you'll be ready to react to anything that goes on.

That may be understandable, but it puts you in danger of being tailgated. If you are, pull over and let them pass you. Just err on the side of safety. This is always the best option, whether you're riding too slowly or not.

Another option is to maintain your lead behind the vehicle in front of you by maintaining plenty of stopping distance. It will also protect you: if you do get bumped by the guy behind you, you won't get rammed into the vehicle in front of you and be crushed.

Another thing is to maintain your sight distance not just to the vehicle in front of you but also the vehicle in front of it and down the roadway. That way you can stop well in advance and give the person behind you as much notice as possible that traffic is slowing down.

It's also important to avoid dangerous positions on the highway. It may be a good idea to ride off to the side of the lane a bit. This can give you some room to maneuver if the person behind you won't stop tailgating you. That way you can dart off to the side.

Or, of course, pull over, and let the person pass.


What do you do when you're tailgated on the road?

First, make sure you're not the culprit. If you're riding more slowly than the flow of traffic, you're likely to attract tailgaters.

If you're new and prefer to ride more slowly, then pull over and let the person behind you pass.

Erring on the side of safety is always the best option.

In my video, I'll discuss a few additional ways to deal with tailgaters effectively.