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Motorcycle Tip: Use of Hand Signals Along With Turn Signal

Today, I want to talk about a safety tip that you should incorporate into your riding habits. It's something that we don't tend to think about these days, especially as bikes are coming out with more and more safety features, better lighting, signals, and so on.

It's important to realize that as motorcyclists we are not very visible to the general community, especially as many drivers are distracted by smartphones and such. So it's important to incorporate anything that can make us more visible to other riders and drivers.

We don't think about using hand signals very often anymore, assuming that people should see our turn signals. But, if you consider that you're already not very visible, using hand signals may catch the eye of someone behind you or across the street who may not have noticed your turn signal.

Someone across the street turning across in front of you IS the number one type of motorcycle accident. So, using your hands can give you a little bit more visibility and you could avoid someone running into you, someone who might be thinking you're not turning. They may not pay attention to your bike itself, but they'll catch your hand signals.

Try to incorporate hand signals. Make it an automatic thing. Every time you're turning left or right, throw up your hand to the side that you're turning.