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Motorcycle Tire Pressure Tips

In this video, we're talking about the importance of the correct tire pressure when riding motorcycles.

Most of us don't have just motorcycles but also regular four-wheel cars that we ride to and from work.

It's easy to forget that motorcycle tires don't hold as much air as car tires. As a result, we think it's okay to check the motorcycle tires as often as car tires - and that's not nearly often enough.

Remember to check your motorcycle tire pressure once a week. Of course, that depends a bit on how much you ride it. If you're a weekend warrior and just ride it once a week, you don't have to check it EVERY week.

Also keep in mind that if your bike's tire pressure is low, you lose a lot of traction and feel for the road. It's just not as safe!

How to check your tires

Get a gauge or compressor that you can keep with you, either in a compartment of your bike or in your jacket.

Also, there's something even better... sensors that you could put on the stem of your tire. They're about $39.99 for two of them. They will blink red for up to seven hundred and fifty hours straight if your pressure is too low. They're called Ride-on LED smart caps.