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New Harley Davidson Recall Information

This is for Harley Davidson group members and riders specifically. The recall involves Harleys, but it’s good for all motorcyclists to pay attention to recalls in general.

Keep an eye out for recall notices in the mail or via email. Check online frequently for information regarding your bike model.

This recent Harley Davidson recall involves about 238,000 bikes from 2017 to 2018. This is yet again another clutch issue.

Harley Davidson has had multiple clutch recalls in the past for other models. These recalls extend back to 2013.

This specific recall is a voluntary recall. It’s for the secondary clutch actuator for certain Harley Davidson models.

The problem with this part is the seal. It’s not working correctly and allowing air to get into the system. This is a big problem.

This seal is difficult to access. You should not attempt to do the repair on your own. One of the pipes on your bike will need to be removed or loosened to reach the secondary clutch.

If your model is one of the affected bikes in the video, then contact your local Harley Davidson dealer. Take your bike in so you can get it repaired for free at the dealership.

Stay safe out there and remember to check frequently for recalls involving your motorcycle. Check with your closest Harley dealership to find out if you can have any recalled part corrected for free.