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Proper Positions of Bike at an Intersection

When riding a bike, proper positioning at an intersection is crucial. As you are approaching an intersection, you should be thinking about several vital things, the most important one of them being the position you should take.

The easiest way to understand safe positioning is through the so-called "Third Method." Imagine the lane having three thirds: the middle, the left, and the right third. The essential thing you must remember is the position you DON'T want to be in, which is the middle third of the lane.

The middle third of the lane usually has debris and oil which may cause issues with stopping, but also with accelerating. It can make you lose control over your bike either as you try to stop or to take off at an intersection. Always take either the left or the right part of the lane.

Whether you're going to take a right or left third depends on many factors, from weather conditions to traffic, whether there is another vehicle in front of you or behind you, or if there is a lot of traffic at the intersection, etc.

Choose right or choose left, but make sure you never take the middle third.